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Chapter 1181 - Collapse II

A sigh couldn't help but escape my mouth when I looked at dust; a few seconds ago, it was a hall with many things in it, and its all dust and few scrawny pieces of metal.

What was I thinking? that I would enter the room and will find filled with treasure.

I shake my head off those thoughts and collect the pieces of metals that are in good quality. These pieces have survived the ravage of time and Cosmic Energy; they are precious.

Seeing there is nothing of value in the hall, I moved toward the next room, which looked like a bedroom. It has beds and other things that a bedroom should have, and as the hall, when I touched the items inside it, I saw them crumpled.

Not a single thing survived the touch; after picking whatever metal pieces caught my interest, I moved to the other room and done the same things.

I soon passed through the whole apartment and did not find anything worthwhile; everything I had touched had crumpled. Still, I did let disappointment drive down my mood and walked to the floor below.

This was a big building, at least twenty stories tall. Over time, some of it has been crumpled while some of it buries in the ground over time.

I carefully walked toward the floor below; this building may tough, but it is hanging on a delicate balance. The building is in a precarious stage, and the smallest mistake could make it crumble.

One member of the Hawthorn Sea who had explored this place before had a whole building fall on her when she was exploring the underground; she had barely survived the fall of the building, and it had taken nearly three weeks to dig out.

When I stamped on the floor earlier, I nearly had a heart attack. In my anger, I had forgotten entirely about the delicate balance these things are hanging on; I was lucky that building has not crumbled; otherwise, I don't know if I had survived if the stone mountain below had fallen on me.

This building does not seem to have an elevator system or anything that works on electricity. This building likely to work on magical formations that I have seen all over the apartment.

I reached the apartment below with the same design as above; the only difference is slightly different furniture.

I began to touch things about this apartment with hope in my eyes, but to my disappointment, I did not find anything worthwhile. I sighed, seeing that, and walked to the floor below.

I climbed down the Floor after Floor, hoping to find something but all the time, I found nothing but rubble. Anything I would touch would crumble to dusk, sometimes leaving some pieces of metal or some other thing.

As such, I climbed down ten floors within two hours, and now it is getting dangerouns. The deeper I go, the more dangerous it will become for me.

The chances of Crumbeling will increase, and so is me dying. Any sane person would have stopped by now, but I did not; the only precautionary thing I did that I

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