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Chapter 1184 - Subterrane II


The Stage monster snorted and came at me with crackling air, its speed so fast that I had barely got a chance to derive the counter against it.


My sword clashed against it and antlers again, and this time, I felt even more force than before, but this time, I had been prepared and only shook during the clash before responding with my attack.

This Stage Monster has given me quite a lot of raw power, and I will use it on a single attack. Now let's see if how it survives this attack.

My sword moves toward it with a swift speed which even Duke would find hard to track, but this monster moved back effortlessly without any panic before moving its lightning covered antlers toward my sword.


It quickly defended against my sword and before smoothly attacking me with its antlers. Its speed is amazing, so is ist instinct; it had used the force of counter to increase its antler's speed.

The runes inside me lit up, and I moved my sword at a breakneck speed that before it's antlers could skewer me.


We clashed again, and right after that, I launched another attack; it moved its neck like the last time, seeing it do that s smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

My sword and its anterls moved closer and closer and closer, and when there were only five inches of difference between my sword and its antlers, a red sheen appeared on the edges of my sword, and at the same time, a tricolor rose released from my chest and moved toward it.


As my sword and tricolor rose about to touched its body, a loud snort came out of it, and at the same moment, thick burble lightning burst out of its body, fully covering it.


My sword clashed against thick lightning-filled antlers, and I felt like I bathed in the lightning. Its a good thing my Armor had sucked the lightning completely; otherwise, I would have turned to ash.

I still have to take a couple of steps back while my most powerful offensive turned to nothing.

The attack I had launched has a total of three attacks. The first was my sword with the power of Old Set and enchantment, the second was the 1st move of the Rose Domination, and the third was my Eldritched Sword Art, which I had activated right after seeing thick lightning covering its body.

I wanted to make use of its powerful energy to kill itself by making it explode from within, but it did not work; its powerful lightning had crushed the energy of Art immediately as it touched the lightning.

As for the Rose, the 1st move of rose domination, the monster took great care of it, enveloping the rose in thick lightning that even its incorporeal form was not able to pass through lightning care, that lightning cage even held on even when I made it explode.

One of my most potent attacking combinations was easily diffused by the Mid Level Duke monster, seeing that excited laugh couldn't help but came

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