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Chapter 1176 - Strange Monster

If this Ruin had been old as of last Ruin I had been, people would have flocked here in doves, but this Ruin is ancient, the oldest I've been.

The evidence suggests that it had broken up from its original world more than fifty thousand years ago, and before reaching our world, it had already been at around two worlds at the least,

There was clear evidence of that when this Ruin was first discovered by us four hundred years.

Still, despite being old, this Ruin has many good things; if not for that, I would have never come here.

After looking route, I closed the map and started journeying toward it. The Radiant Glow may seem close, but it is very far; it will take me two to three days to reach there with my current speed.


Suddenly I stopped, and a sword appeared in my hands; the runes inside me lit up as I whipped back my sword.


My sword clashed against the sharp claws of Grey Wolf as it bounced back effortlessly while I shook a little. I was sneak attacked by the wolf monster.

It had been following me for a few minutes, trying to find it a perfect chance to sneak attack when I gave an opening; it took the chance without a throught.

In front of me is a Grey wolf; it is small, just one and a half meters long. It has very sharp claws and shiny grey fur, which seemed very soft. This wolf monster is at the Initial Duke Stage, and by that Standard, it is tiny.

Duke level monster wolves are at least ten meters long, and this one in front of me is just one and a half meters long, the same size as Private stage wolf.

If not for me sensing is a powerful Duke Stage aura from it, I would have thought it is just a regular Grey wolf monster and not a powerful monster, which even I have to be careful of.


It growled at me and attacked me again, and this time its speed is even faster, and its claws have become longer. Seeing it coming, I swung my sword without question, this Wolf is very powerful, and I have to kill it.


Its claws slashed against my sword again, and this time, the impact was so large that I have to take a step back while the Grey Wolf monster moved back effortlessly.

This Grey Wolf has excellent control over the wordly energy; though it can't fly it yet, it can glide on it without any problem.


It growled loudly before bushy tail swung from behind, releasing several grey wind arcs at me, and at the same time, it came at me with the speed that could put a shame on the Prince Stage powerhouse.

Seeing such powerful sure kill attacks coming at me, I became serious, and runes inside me started to shine brightly.

I disappeared and appeared in front of the Wolf and swung down my sword, which has become three times heavier than before.


The Wolf was surprised by my sudden appearance in front of it, but it had reacted fast; just as I appeared in front of it, it swi

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