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Chapter 1187 - Tome II

"As I had said at the start of my book, 'Culinary Arts are not just about mixing things up and cooking them up on the heat; it is something much more' It is a Way like Fighting, Formation, Curse, Poisoning, Dancing, Painting, etc."

"It requited finesse, control and practice, lots and lots of practice." It said in a gentle voice.

"We will start our lesson with a Soup of Goddess Ell; it is a simple three-ingredient dish that was very popular in my world and only made in Month of Goddess Ell.' He said and waved his hands, and nearly all the ingredients vanished from the counter.

"The ingredients to make the stew are very common and found in nearly every world." He said and motioned toward three ingredients and started to say their name.

When I saw those ingredients, my eyes couldn't help but flash in surprise. The material he is pointed at is Duke Grade Ingredients, and he is right about them common materials; they are one most common Duke Level materials out there, and I have them in my storage.

"The first thing your need for cooking is energy control; if you do not have that, then you might as well mix everything up and cook them as barbarians do." He said the last line had quite a sharpness in it.

I don't have to be a genius to known that he said the usual way of cooking Barbaric, and since I cooked this way, I am a barbarian. I am about to ask what is real when he started on his own, and words got stuck in my mouth.

"Cooking is more than heating stuff up; it is an art. One needs to have precise energy control and finesse, to mold the energies contain inside the material one cooking."

He said and cut the onion-like a thing in precious motion; he had only used a simple knife coated in his energy. The Knife was just a medium; the real deal is his energy, which he laid bare in front of me.

He uses his energy and uses his energy; he is using them in a very precious control.

I don't think with this kind of control; he even needs to use a Knife to do something like it; he could make the Knife with his energy and do what he is doing with the Knife.

He had laid everything bare in front of me; I could see his energy nodes, and so is nodes of The Onion and the way he cutting making it not loose even a single speck of energy from the Onion; as he cut it, he would seal the node with the energy he is controlling.

Ive never seen something like it before, and that is just a star as what he did next was even more amazing. I could not believe something like this could be done with energy.

He had practically controlled the energies of three things when he added them in a pot and changed their nature with his energy as he cooked the way he wants.

The way he played with three energies of three different things, I was completely enthralled by it. The forty minutes flew by, and hot simmering soup.

Seeing a soup, a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face as

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