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Chapter 1192 - Red Chicken

Ashlyn got out of the hole first in her smallest size to reconnaissance for any monster, and after some time seeing there are no monsters, she called me out of the hole.

I stepped into Luminous forest once again couldn't help but get enchanted by its amazing beauty. The forest is beautiful, but it is also dangerouns; in just a thousand meters, four dangerous monsters are lingering.

Three of them are Dukes, but one of them is a Prince Stage Monster. I moved toward the Duke Monster; it is Peak Level Duke Monster. If there had been a sane person beside me, they would have called me insane.

Last time I was nearly killed by the Mid Level Duke Monster, and now I am going against the Peak Level Duke, which is two small levels above. Though my energy purity and energy storage have increased, I am still feeling the fear.

One could not compare these monsters with regular monsters; they are born in an environment where the Cosmic Energy is thick, making them many times stronger than the normal environment.

My body is covered in killing energy tightly, and with my newfound control, every part of my body is covered in it. With such protection, even a monster would not

Soon I saw the Monster, and my eyes couldn't help but widened a little. It is a rare Chicken Monster; it is entirely red with steely feathers, making it look like a Monster made of steel.

I couldn't help but lick my lips as I looked at the Chicken Monster; these monsters are known for their deliciousness, and their meat is rarely available in the market; whenever it became available, it is zapped by others.

It is due to their incredible tastes; they have been hunted to extinction in our world. These monsters are now only found in private Pens and Realms of Powerful Organisations.

Its size not big; about two meters long, like most of the Monster here. Now, it is busy eating Worm Monster, which it must have not long ago seeing the body's condition.

It is eating very fast, and seeing its eating speed; it won't take much longer to finish up the Monster.

Seeing that, I did not waste any time, I charge the 'Old Set' and desspeared from my spot in an instant movement and next moment, I appeared beside it and launched an attack at its neck.


My sword had just reached halfway when suddenly it's wing moved like a blur and appeared in front of its neck, blocking my sword attack completely.

'Cluck, Cluck!

It cackled angrily, and the next moment, I saw cannon of red hot lava or molten metal shot out of its mouth at a very fast speed. With that thought, Runes lit inside me, and I desspeared from my spot just as the cannon was about to hit me.

If I hadn't refined my energy on the 2nd floor of the tower, I would not have been able to do that; that superfast molten attack would have grazed me, but with pure Inhertane energy, I was able to move fast enough to avoid getting hit entirely.

I ap

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