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Chapter 1170 - Boom I

Chapter 1170

The two Grimm Monsters attacked me and at the same time and their teamwork is impeccable, they have closed all my retreats, and if I tried to dodge or defend, I would get heavily injured or dead.

There is one small mistake in their perfect plan; they have underestimated my strength. They have estimated my power lower than my teammates, thinking I am above average lord, and it is their mistake.

A toothy smile appeared on my face as I dodged the sword of the first Scarlet Lionman by nick and appeared directly in front of the second Scarlet Lionman. As I did, I moved my sword toward its heart in an effortless motion.


When my sword was just inches away from it, the bright runes appeared on its body, and its huge sword, which was quite a distance from my sword, appeared directly in front of my sword and defended against the attack.

"It is not easy to kill me, human!" I shouted and swung its gigantic sword, which I could easily dodge; the real challenge is the sword coming from behind. I gave the 2nd Scarlet Lionman a toothy smile and disappeared from my spot.

I appeared behind the first and Scarlet Lionman and attacked at times; my sword was three times faster than the earlier not to forget, I am very close to the Grimm Monsters when I attacked.


The blast of dense fire released from the mane of the first Scarlet Lionman that created a forcefield which pushed me back where the second Scarlet Lionman already had appeared, and now its sword is coming directly for my neck.

Runes inside brightened up, and I disappeared and appeared two ten meters away from both Grimm Monsters. "It is not easy to kill me, little lions," I said mockingly.

"Mocking, hun! I will see if you are still in the mood to mock when I pierce a rod through you and cook you alive in my Scarlet fire." Said the first Scarlet Lionman without a hint of anger before it came at me with its friend.

It is quite difficult to incite the anger from the Grimm Monsters trained to take such insults. Though my insults did not make it lose, its rationale does not mean it had not become angry by my mock.

Both of them have got very angry; they are just controlling it very well; they are clearly aware of the consequences of losing their mind in anger.

In the battle, one not only has to fight the enemy with strength but also with mind, and sometimes, when the strength of the two parties is very close, it becomes a battle of minds.

Those who have stronger minds have better chances to win the battle, and I am going to win it.

"Not before, I will turn you into the Crystals," I said and moved to attack them. As I did, the bodies of both of them started to shine, and their aura started to power up.

A Scarlet Armor appeared on the bodies of both, blazing with power; though the Scarlet Armor has appeared on both of their bodies, the color of them is slightly different.


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