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Chapter 1179 - Digging

If I found Inheritance Source here, I will be a hero of my Academy, who will add another Inheritance in Academy's Kitty.

Every inheritance matters; not everyone is suitable for every Inheritance. More Inheritances, the Organisations, have, the better, but how rare are the inheritances? Even with more than three thousand years of history, the Academy did not have more than twenty-five Inheritances.

We are still better than Tyrants; most of the Tyrants Organisations did not have more than Ten Inheritance. Inheritance is the core of the practice, and the more you have, the further the organizations will develop.

The reason Supremes are Supremes because of the large number of Inheritances they have; each Supreme has at least two hundred Inheritances, and many of these Inheritances are Top Level Inheritances that normal organizations could not compare.

I shake my heads of those thoughts and walked forwards, I do not have hope for Inheritance Source, and I do not need it. I will be pleased as long as I found what I need from this place.

I continued to walk, and an hour later, a hill came across me. Seeing that hill, a smile came across me, and I climbed it without hesitation and reached the top of it.

'Stone Forest!' I muttered as a forest of crumpled stones. It is vast and filled with stones; these stones are not natural, but the crumpled part of vestiges that used to exist here in the past.

Seeing the forest of stone, one could imagine how glorious it had been in its prime.

I took the scenery and opened the map of the stone forest. This Stone forest is not explored 1%, which means most of the places I touched will be unexplored.

If this place had been in any other place other than the Crown Forest, it would have been ravaged by now; nothing remained to explore, but since it is Crown Forest with such thick Cosmic Energy, very few people will dare to enter it.

In the Radiant Grove, the Cosmic Energy is thick enough to kill regular Prince within six hours; even Elites would not be able to stay here for more than a week unless they spent planned to spend all their time in the abode.

Only those who have a unique method to deal with Cosmic Energy or Inheritances are resistant to cosmic energy would think about entering the Crown Forest, making the number of people who have entered here reasonably low.

I looked at the map for a while before climbing down the hill toward the stone forest. The stone forest may look like there is nothing here, but it is hiding quite many treasures.

Nearly all the building's upper level has been destroyed, but some underground parts have remained. Now, I have to find the underground that survived there and search for the thing I need.

"Ashlyn, help me find the underground chambers?" I asked Ashlyn and also blasted my sensory powers at full force.

It's a good thing that my killing Rule had reached the Intermediate grade peak,

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