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Chapter 1173 - Castello I

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Two and half months have passed by since I came to Fort Ardon. It felt like it had been only a few days since I had stepped down out of my airship and rushed to the hospital to heal the patients.

In these two and a half months, I've learned many things, advanced in more than one way. There are still many ways I have to advance in, and for that, I have to take the risk, and today, I am taking that risk.

Today, a ruin named Castello is opening. It is an extremely dangerous Ruin, but it will have what we need. I would have gone to other ruines, but I waited for this Ruin specifically.

Since I arrived in fort Adorn, there had been two ruins that had been opened, but I did not choose to go to them. They did not have the things I need; this Castello ruin is challenging and may have the thing I need.

I have already reached the Peak of the Lord Stage and have got enough comprehension to reach the Duke Stage, but there is no use to make a breakthrough into the Duke Stage yet, as I did not make enough improvements in my Inheritance yet.

If I breakthrough into Duke now, all my powers would be sealed, and I would become a sitting duck as I would not be able to use any of Inheritance abilities, only when I make enough improvement into my Inheritance that it became a Clear upgrade. I will be able to breakthrough into the Duke with confidence.

This Castello ruin may help me if I found that place, it is quite difficult to find that place, but if I am lucky, I may find it, and even if I did not, this ruin would be challenging enough.

It is Prince Grade Ruin means it will have maximum Prince Grade warriors who are very dangerous for me. I am at Lord Stage; though regular Prince Stage powerhouses are no problem for me, I could easily kill them. The same could not be said about the Elite Prince Stage powerhouses.

If I come across some, I will be in quite trouble and not forget this will not be the only danger I will face. The Ruin itself is dangerous, its membrane is broken in hundreds of places, which releases a huge amount of cosmic energy inside the rune, and since the runes have no core, this dangerous energy never gets filtered out.

Due to strong bodies, the Grimm Monsters visit this ruin dove. They even have special art which they practice in the special cosmic energy; this Ruin has to make their stronger bodies even stronger.

Humans have to be very careful in this ruin, not venture into a dangerous area where Cosmic Energy is very thick; then, one is good as dead if one did not have sufficient protection.

I have already got everything I needed to go to this Ruin. I now just hoped that I would not get transported into the Cosmic Energy-rich region and lose my life before I have a chance to explore.


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