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Chapter 1185 - Subterrain III

As the Stage Monster came at me after repelling my attack, the thorny vines shot out of the ground as it had reached me and enveloped it before it could move away with its swift speed.

Just as vines enveloped it, an incredible amount of lightning shot of it and stated burn my vines at a visible rate that it will burn away the whole vines in two seconds.

But how can I let it do that? I pour power into the vines without any reservation and, at the same time, activated the enchantment of my sword at full power.

The Rose Vine is a healing move, but I am using it as the binding move to binding the monster. It is the only choice I have; I can't use my other moves; they all have their disadvantage and would not work against such an opponent.

'I have to make it quick!' As I saw my energy draining at visible speed, I will be empty in five seconds.

I charge my enchantment and pierced my sword into the vines, right when its neck is.

The Stage seemed to have sensed my attack and released even more lightning through her head, which started to burn my vines even more speedily, and I supplied it even more energy, so it would not.

This is the only chance I have, and I have to make it worth otherwise, I will be in trouble.

My sword kept pushing forward through the lightning defense and finally touched its skin.

As that happened, the inheritance Ruin inside me started to burn brighter than the sun as I activated Old Set at full power and used even bit of power I have as I drove down sword at Stages head.


The strength course through me and finally sword pierced through the monster's head, killing it immediately as the lightning had desspeared completely.


The monsters' body fell down as vines came inside me, and with it, I too. I am exhausted and drained of energy, too.

If not for the vine that I had called back inside me, which had given me some energy, I would not have had any energy to use my Inheritance, and that would have been a very bad thing for me in such thick cosmic energy.

After resting for a minute, I looked at Ashlyn, who is still fighting; watching her fight, my expressions couldn't help but change. She is fighting a prince and not one prince but two Price stage powerhouse that seemed her equal match.

When I saw the power of their moves, horror couldn't help but appear on my face. The power of their moves is horrifying. If I had been receiving the end of these attacks, I had been finished in one move.

To my horror, I realize my life in extreme danger from these monsters, and my dream of getting out of here before the ruin is close might be just a pipe dream.

Even Ashlyn, who is very powerful, can only content against Initial Stage Princes, and there will Mid, High, and Peak Level Prince Stage powerhouses here, seeing the concentration of cosmic energy here.

After looked at Ashlyn's fight for a second before I

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