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Chapter 1177 - Fish Monster

I looked at the claws of Monster, which are barely missing the hair breath distance from touching my shoulder; if my timing had been slightly off, then it would not be my bust that would have a gaping hole in my body.


I called back my sword, and Grey Wolf fell in front of me; I had used all my power to hold back its momentum; I had never used the full force of the Old Set in combat before.

I looked down on my bust and saw the gaping hole closing at the visible rate, and the tarrying energies that were present in the attack had been sucked and getting crushed at the moment.

In half a minute, the injury had healed entirely. I crouched down and placed the body of the wolf into my storage before I walked toward Ashlyn, who had finished her fights too.

When I reached her, I found her standing proudly on the head of Ox Monster. This Ox monster also killed a small size; it is comparable to the size ox monster at the Private stage.

The monsters in the forest grew up in extremely powerful Cosmic Energy, which did not increase their size but their strength instead.

After putting Ox Monster in storage, Ive walked to another two monsters that Ashlyn killed. In the time I had fought with a single monster, Ashlyn had killed three.

After collecting the bodies of all three Monster that Ashlyn killed, I continue with my journey, and fifteen minutes later, we come across another initial duke monster; I did not lift the blade and let Ashlyn kill it.

Back home, Ashlyn rarely gets the chance to fight with me, wanting hide abilities as trump cards, but now there is no one to see us; I let Ashlyn fight at her heart's content.

She finished her fight soon, and we continued, time passed by, and soon the evening came. Seeing the sky getting darker, I did not stop and continued with my journey with Ashlyn.

We have a lot of distance to cover before we reach the Radiant Grove; I plan to reach there in two days as finding something worthwhile there going to take time; I rather spent time there than on the journey.

"Another one," I said softly as I burned the body of Grimm Monster and stored all of its artifacts. It is the sixth body of the Grimm Monster Ive found on my journey.

The monsters hate Grimm Monsters. All their bodies Ive had been destroyed beyond sense. Unlike humans, Monster can't eat the bodies of Grimm Monster, so they destroy them in anger.

It is not that Ive only found bodies of Grimm Monster, Ive also the body of on human or lack thereof. There only some tiny pieces of Skin and Bone through which I confirmed it is human.

I also saw Grimm Monsters and Humans; those bastards had been transferred into the Crown Forest like me. The is not edge of the Crown Forest but in quite deep where Cosmic Energy concentration is relatively high.

At 9:AM, I finally stopped and found a good place to set up and Abode. "Small," I muttered with a sigh as I entere

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