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Chapter 1186 - Tome I


Finally, energy crashed through the roof and entered the 2nd floor. Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

The 2nd Floor of the Tower will increase my strength a lot. Now, not only my energy would be three times purer, but also I could make and store two different types of pure energies, which will increase the power of my moves immensely.

Especially the healing moves of Rose Domination, the Rose Vine and Rose Protection, which uses only Curse and Healing Element, and Rule Bending Element.

With energy reaching the 2nd floor, the refining even got harder. It took me three and a half hour to refine my energy till my storages are full.

After the refining, I tiredly laid on the floor to rest; the refining of energy is too hard; it had made me quite tired.

On the floor, I started to think about my next plan. I don't want to stay in this place till the Ruin closes; that would be disastrous as I did not find anything in this Ruin, and I don't want to return empty-handed.

With my strength, I am no match for the monster here. With pure energy, my strength had increased, but it is still not enough. With my current strength, I could kill a Mid and High Duke Monster and even Peak Duke Stage Monster, but the Prince Stage Monsters are still out of my reach.

I have to reach the Duke Stage; that is the only option I have. Only after reaching the Duke Stage would I have confidence go out confidently and find a way out.

Though I know what I must do, it isn't easy. I am currently close to upgrading my Inheritance, but I am still not there; I need something more.

I rested for half an hour and started to get up when suddenly stopped halfway. I remember something that I had forgotten for nearly a day; sometimes, I can be such a forgetful person.

I sat down properly, and the next moment, a dusty tome appeared in my hands. It is one of the biggest tomes Ive ever seen; it is ten inches thick and about thirty-five inches wide.

I cleaned all the dust around it and to my surprise it became new, it looked like it had been made just a few days ago, its condition is much much better than all the Tomes we have in the Academy.

'It must be something special, if not for it wouldn't be such excellent condition even after fifty thousand years while everything around it turned into the dust.

The Tome, except for its big size, looks nothing extravagant. It had simple brown hardcover on both sides. Which back hardcover is blank, the from had something exciting written, which is not surprising seeing the place Ive found it.

"The Records Of Culinary Arts By Gourmet Am: Volume I," I said, this is what it is written in simple universe language. From the info Ive seen so far, this world like ours has their language. Universe Language is foreign to most people in this world.

I am quite disappointed seeing the book is about Culinary. Though I love cooking, it could

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