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Chapter 1191 - Bread II

"It is ready!" He said, and a small dome of red energy disappeared, and the place where the dough had before now had a Golden Brown Bread.

The bread looks fantastic; the golden brown color seems to be brought out from nature itself, and the smell; it is even more amazing.

He cut off a loaf of bread in perfect slices before he turned to me, "You can take one slice." He said, and I nodded and appeared beside the counter and took the one slice of bread in my hands, which is still quiet.

As I took the bite from the bread's slice, I felt like I had tasted the summer. It was fresh and delicious, and I am sure if I eat it with the Soup, it will taste even more amazing.

"Now, its your turn." He said after I finished eating the bread, I nodded and looked at the ingredients that had appeared in front of me. I looked at them for a moment before I started.

I followed all the right procedures, used my energy just as he used at every step, but within a few seconds, Ive made a mistake, and these mistakes kept increasing as I moved forward.

When I started kneading, the real difficulty began when I notice how difficult is it sent the energy into every part to manipulate the energy present in the dough.

Soon the dough is made, and I created the heat cage, this process I was most confident of, but to my surprise, I found that maintaining the same amount of temperature at an extended amount of time is not easy as it seems. Still, I made the least mistake in the head cage.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly and called back my energy as the bread is fully baked, but the bread baked by me have no swag; it just looked like a normal break.

I cut the loaf into slices and offered to him; he took one piece and took a bite of it. Immediately his face contorted, and he looked like he had swallowed a fly.

"21, how bad are you? Even after making near-perfect Soup, you made many silly mistakes in bread." It said and threw the piece back on the plate.

Hearing that, I couldn't help but shake my head. The materials needed for Soup and Bread may be of the same Grade, but the required skill is far greater.

After seconds of silence, he started explaining my mistakes to me, and they are a lot. Some of these are silly ones that could easily be remedied, while others needed to be worked on.

After going over my mistakes, I started making bread again, and this time with even more confidence but this time too, I made a mistake. Though their number was a little less, they were still mistakes.

I got 23 in the second attempt, 27 in the third, and 29 in the fourth. A few hours later, I continued, my speed of gaining points slowed visibly as I rectified all the small mistakes.

The only I needed to do now is improve my skills, my score isn't increasing because of my skills, and as long as I became skilled, the score will improve automatically.

To improve the skill, the only thing I could do i

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