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Chapter 1154 - Essence Rose I

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'Rose Domination Third Move: Rose Vines,'

I said in my mind, and with that exact movement, thick thigh-high vines shot out of the ground and enveloped the Curse Master that was floating five meters above the air.

The speed of the vines is very fast, and they enveloped the Curse Master at an incredible speed that gave no chance to the Onix Eyed Ratman Cruisemaster to escape.


All the Ratmen screamed and looked at me vengeance as they saw their boss enveloped in thick vines. I smiled at them with my perfectly healed body; there is no sign of injuries on my body. The Apex level constitution is not revered for a reason.

'Rose Domination First Move: Rose Death' I said in my mind and used the move I've never used in public. A tri-colored Rose size of a.d.u.l.t palm came out of my chest and released its petals around.

The scene looked breathtaking with petals releasing from the rose. The petals of Rose gently flew toward the Grimm Monsters as if the gale was taking them, but before Grimm Monster knew, the petals appeared before them and pierced through their head.

Some Grimm Monsters like the ones that we're fighting against Jimmy had barely had time to activate their defensive measure, but these petals acted like these defense measures did not exist; they completely discarded it and seeped into the head of the Onix Eyed Ratmen.

Thud Thud Thud…

All the Onix Eyed Ratmen fell on the ground one after another, completely dead. My teammates looked at them in utter shock as they knew how powerful these monsters are, but I had killed them within a second.

A second that is all it took from a rose coming out of me to its petals piercing through their heads and killing them. The result is not surprising, seeing I had used the most powerful offensive move in my Arsenal.

I looked at the dead Grimm Monster for a moment before appearing beside the vines that had enveloped the Grimm Monster.

These vines are developing at a crazy rate as they such as the blood and energy of Curse Master and grew, but I could see the Grimm Monster is struggling.

It is quite surprising to me as I did not think once captured under the wine cover, the Grimm Monsters can get out, but this one is clearly showing the capacity.

The teacher was when she said I should never underestimate the Curse Masters; these willy bastards have many tricks in their sleeves.

Though it is struggling, it will not get out alive, It will be buried inside these vines, and I will have what I need from it.

With that thought, I touched the vines, and a couple of formations inside lit up. I took control of vines and reinforced it with my energy. Rose Vines may be a healing move, but it is also a very powerful offensive move against the special profession Grim

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