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Chapter 1145 - Healing II


The screams started to ring out again, and as the vines began to spread into the bodies of patients before starting the extraction. I've become even more merciless than before. I have not only stopped holding back, I've even started to go faster.

It made the process even more painful, but nothing I could about it; it is the only way to save the maximum patients.

It had been three hours since I came to the ward and started healing; the rest of the healers in the Ward have got used to such intense screaming that are they now doing their job without any problem.

Still, the healers in the Ward may have got used to it, but those outside the ward did not.

These patients screaming blood murder had attracted a lot of attention; in charge of the ward have to put a couple of enforcers at the door to stop unnecessary people are coming in.

The healing is going well, but there are too many patents, all the beds in Ward are full; whenever a bed got emptied, it occupied within a few seconds, the battle outside is still raging, and many Cursemasters are cursing the people at large.

I am still fine and would continue healing; since my first healing, I focused on refining seeing how much energy I needed for healing, and now I could refine my Inheritance energy while I heal.

Though, the speed of refining is not that great, it is enough to support my continued healing.

The roses started to bloom, and with my assistance that is what I am calling the Peak Duke enforcer who is helping me is cutting and storing the Cursed Roses in the boxes, I've provided him.

First, he was quite fearful while cutting the Cursed Roses, their aura is quite intense, and a normal duke could not handle them. After he got the hang of his job, his speed increased, and now as soon as the Rose Bloomed he would cut it and stored it in the box.

As for Charlotte, she could be said to be doing good for a rookie. For the first two hours, she fumbled quite a lot and nearly killed a few patients, but in the past hour, she had found her rhythm and was now slowly healing the patients.

She is currently focused on the healing Lord Level patents, and she is healing three to four of them by the hour. The speed is good, but it is nothing compared to mine, unlike the conventional healer. I did not focus on destroying the curse.

I simply extract it; it takes a lot less energy to do that. But healers can't do what I am doing. I can do extraction due to my Curse Constitution; without it, I could have had to heal the curse in the same old-fashioned way.

Few more hours passed by, and the evening came, and the battle outside seemed to have reached its last leg. Battles intensity increased, and with it, the number of patients. I had to stretch myself to the utter limit of myself to keep pace.

Not only me but other healers are doing the same, and this is just Level 4 Battle. I wonder how these people de

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