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Chapter 1159 - Essence Rose VI

Time passed by, and we continued to battle without stopping; each of our battles had been filled with risk, especially after we started to fight the Prince Stage Guards. The fights have become incredibly dangerous.

Many times and I and my teammates have nearly died under the hands of those bastards many times; still, we have also gained many things.

First and most important is the confidence to attack the Special Professions Grimm Monsters protected under the Prince Powerhouses.

We have grown so daring that we have attacked the Poison Master protected by more than twenty Prince Stage powerhouses and were able to kill it within fifteen minutes.

Aside from confidence, I am also getting good at using my abilities. In the fights, I am nearly using all my abilities one after another or together. Ive never gotten such a chance before, and it is making me more familiar with them.

I already have a couple of ideas for making my abilities more efficient and powerful in the battle, and I am going to work on that, but before that, I should focus on the next target.

This time we are targeting not one but two Special Profession Grimm Monsters. It is a pair of Wolfmen, one is Curse Master while the other is Poison Master, and they have a total of twenty-seven Prince Stage powerhouse.

"You guys remember the plan, right?" I asked; three of them nodded confidently, but there is hidden nervousness that could be seen in their eyes. It is our most dangerous target yet, and this time, it is they who are going on the offensive while I will stay hidden.

If it had been eight hours ago, they would have said straight no for such a mission, but now, after fighting dangerous battles for the whole night, they are looking forward to fighting such dangerous battle.

"Don't try to kill them; just keep them occupied." I cautioned them one more time; they nodded before moving toward the Werewolf duo, attacking any human in their range with Curses and Poisons.

They just have to stall for a minute; as long as they stalled for a minute, I will kill every Grimm Monster in that range, including those two werewolf bastards.

Soon, they saw my team approaching their range, and twelve princes separated and went to find them while the Werewolf Curse Master and Poison Master also joined the attack.

Seeing that no one is looking in my direction, I started to release the released tricolor rose. The rose is very small, about a.d.u.l.t thumb size, and as it came out of me and it went flying.

A few seconds later, another rose came off my chest and floated away; I had intentionally made the roses small as I could and covered them with the thick killing Flavour Inheritance Energy and killing energy of my rule power so that they would remain invisible to common Dukes.

The night also helped, but it will not be there for much longer; half an hour later, the dawn will come, but by that, I would be

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