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Chapter 1143 - Fort Ardon

"Take care Micheal, The Battlefield in the Central Continent is a lot more different than what you have experienced so far." Mother said as she had come out to drop me off.

"I know mom," I said. This must be her tenth time saying this since morning. The teacher had also told me the same things many times. The Grimm Monsters, I've fought in my native continent were chickens compared to what I will fight here.

"I know you know but I still feel worried about you." Mom said as she hugged me one more time. I hugged my father and also kissed the crying face of my sister a couple of times before walking toward the airship.

"Please take care of my sister," said Reva, who is beside her parents and sister, Charlotte is coming with me to Fort Ardon. I would have liked to go alone, but since my mother asked, I will take her; I just hope she is good as she seems.

"Let's go," I said to Charlotte, which is crying as she is hugging her Elder sister. Hearing my voice, she wiped her tears away and followed me to the airship I had already taken out.

We boarded the airship, I tapped a few times on control, and soon, the airship started to fly up. We waved at our families one last time before the airship got high enough and shot through the sky.

"The room on the left is yours. If you need anything, just ask me," I said to the girl. I rarely had any contact with her. Yesterday is the only time I had talked to her, and that was just a few words, and today, I had met her on the airstrip.

This girl is kind of reminiscent of Jill; when I first met Jill, she was also a shy girl but in a few days of intense combat had brought her out of her shyness.

"Thank You for taking me." The girl said shyly as she moved her green bangs away, "It's no effort." I said. I made some small talk with the girl to calm her nerves before closing my eyes and going to my Inheritance Space.

It will take nearly a week to reach the fort Ardon, enough time for me to do some studying. I probably will not get much free time once I reach the fort Ardon; hell, I am not sure I will get any free time in such constant fighting.

Days passed by, and with days, my conversation with the girl also grew; I was quite surprised to see that girl is very knowledgeable about healing arts.

Mother had said this girl had one of the best healing talents she had ever seen, and if not for her anxiety, which many times messed things up, she would have been very priced in Mistson.

Usually, organizations, especially Supremes, do not let their healer go to the battlefield unless they have become a duke. Still, this girl had messed up so many times that she had completely lost hope in her despite her talent.

If not for that, they would not have given her permission to go to the battlefield before it is time. Mother had told me, this girl herself has applied to go to the battlefield to family dismay. If not, I arrived on time; she wou

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