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Chapter 1149 - The Bug Rose

After I finished dinner, I went to the practice room and took out two things. One is a table, and the other is the chair. The Chair is simple, but the table, on the other hand, not so much.

Every part of it is carved in beautiful runes, which made it look quite regal. Just one look at it, one would think it is used for important work and it is.

This experiment table is more expensive than the Airship the teacher had given me a few months ago to experiment on samples of Curses and other things.

I sat on the chair and took out two boxes, I opened the box on the left, and there are sickly green color roses. Even if it is a pale green color, it looked just as beautiful as Black Cursed Rose.

It is poison rose, I do not have the Poison constitution, but I could extract the poison the same way as the Curses. It is all possible because of my Rule Bending Power (Name change, previous name Rule Breaking Power).

It can help me tweak my Curse constitution a little, which helps me easily suck the poison as th curses. It may sound easy, but it was extremely difficult; I had researched very deeply and created thousands of experimental formations for it.

It is changing the frequency of old-time radio that receives different types of signals when the frequency is changed.

I covered my hands with energy and gently took out the green rose and placed it in the center of the table.

As I activated a couple of switches with my energy and next moment, a projection of a rose appeared in front of me. I plucked out the single petal from the phantom rose and expanded it till it covered half of the table.

The faint green lines covering it became very visible, and the tiny invisible runes started to appear across the petals. If this table had been made of Technology, it would have short-circuited, but the table is electronic equipment but an artifact itself made by a master.

It let me do many things that the technical experiment table is incapable of doing, and only an artifact like this could do this.

Seeing the petal had been magnified, I activated a small move of my inheritance, and two tiny runic circles appeared in front of my eyes.

This one of the general moves I had created in my Inheritance is very helpful during the research. As I looked at the petal in front of me, everything became bigger and more clear; I could not see tiny runes that covered the whole petals clearly.

I adjusted the runes of my moves and started to study the poison runes. It is important to keep the research going; the more knowledge I have, the better I will perfect my inheritance.

'It is new, as I expected.' I had researched hundreds of types of poison energies and knew them by aura. I had found this one to be new and chose it for research. The teacher would be very happy to get this.

The inheritances of the Grimm Monsters are unlimited as their tribes, and even after thousands of years o

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