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Chapter 1147 - Paths

"The screams are a small price for the healing of curse; no matter what they scream during the healing, all of them would still go through it if it means saving their life," Charlotte said after something.

Creating the healing moves, I have two things in mind efficiency and speed. I wanted those two elements in my healing. I did not care if my healing caused any pain; what matters is healing the quickest way possible in the slowest time.

My speed of healing may seem slow compared to the best healers, but mind you, I heal ten times more people than them at the same time.

"You know they had started calling you Pain Demon, Pain Sadist, and some other name in the hospital," Charlotte said; after some time, I smiled at that.

I had gotten many nicknames in the Academy, too; many people would shake literally when I passed by hallways of the hospital.

"You did good yesterday." I praised; her performance was quite great for a rookie who had never seen so much grime. Though she had fumbles for a few hours, she quickly got control over anxiety and started healing in earnest.

"It was nothing compared to your performance." She said softly. To that, I shook my head, "You have great healing talent, and with Inheritance of Supreme, your performance will not be lesser than me." I said.

Inheritances, even if it is weaker, as long as one understands their essence, could harness the power that could be comparable to the Apex one. It is extremely difficult to do that as it is near impossible to match the understanding of the Inheritance Creator.

We fished eating and went into the hall; Charlotte seemed quite surprised seeing my quarters. "You know your quarter is big; it is double the size of mine," she said, hearing that I am quite surprised before an understanding dawned on me.

Unlike the Grimm Battlefield in a small continent, the main Battlefield of the Central Continent works little differently. The most different thing about it is that one could not live whenever they want.

Everyone assigned quarters when they entered the battlefield. The size of the apartment, place, everything depends on what one does and how great one talent is.

If there had not been a fight yesterday and I had not got a chance to showcase my healing talent, I would have gotten a similar quarter as Charlotte but showing the talent that is far better than my peers gave me this quarter.

Normally most people start with a small quarter as their contribution grows, they can change into a different or better place. There are also many conditions for that, but they are minor.

As long as Charlotte's performance increased, it would not be a problem for her to get a better quarter, and from what I see between my tiny breaks, I don't think she will take more than three months for her to do that.

Charlotte stayed for an hour discussing many things before she went back to her apartment as she has to go back t

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