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Chapter 1162 - Courier

Tring Tring Tring…

I was woken up by the loud alarm which I had set up before sleeping. I hastily put off the alarm before opening my eyes. I had slept very late yesterday, just two hours before the morning.

I did not want to continue, but I did not want to mess up the rest of my day by continuing and sleeping till afternoon. So, I slept early to wake up in the late morning.

I laid on the bed for a while before going to the bathroom to freshen up and shower. After coming out of the shower, I cooked for Ashlyn and me before eating in silence.

I did not go to the practice room to continue with my research as I wanted to; instead, I walked to the hall and laid on the couch with my eyes closed, thinking about my plans.

I have to spend a month or two here before that ruin teacher mentioned would be opened, I will know before a week, but before going into the rune, I will have to reach Duke Stage or at least Peak Lord.

It will be quite difficult for me to reach the duke stage as I don't think I have enough Ideas or Knowledge to create the Inheritance of Duke Stage.

So, aside from doing missions and healing, I should continue with research and acc.u.mulate enough knowledge that I would be able to create the next stage of my inheritance.

Before going to the next stage, I should focus on the current stage right now as it has not been completed yet. I am just a Mid-level Lord, and I had decided that I would only level up to High Level only when I made sufficient progress, and I think I will make it in a few days.

Essence Rose has given me many new ideas that could help me heavily optimize my Inheritance. If everything went well in a few days, I will make a breakthrough through the High Level of Lord Stage in a few days.

I laid on the couch for a while and before getting up and walking into the practice room. The Experiment Table is already there, and so are two roses as I left them before sleeping, so I just have to sit and continue doing what I was doing.

If it had been any other table, I would have worried about two Roses spreading the curse and poison in the room, but they are Experiment Artifact covering these roses with the invisible energy layer, which makes it impossible for their energy to leak out.

I sat on the chair and about to start the research when suddenly I remembered something. I tapped on my holowatch and called the teacher, she had told me to call her when I was successful in harvesting the Essence Rose, and now that I did, I am calling her.

"Micheal, we were just talking about you; how is Fort Ardon?" she asked as she accepted the call. She had activated the camera of her whole office so I could see her entire office and professor Josephine that was sitting opposite to her with her legs up.

It looks she had returned from one of her endeavors; she rarely stayed in the Academy, always going somewhere to search for something.

"So, do you

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