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Chapter 1158 - Essence Rose V

'First Move: Rose Death" Just as I killed the dumbf.u.c.k Grey Earth Crockman, a tri-colored rose released from my chest. This Rose is smaller than the Rose I used earlier; it had only twelve petals.

As the rose came out its petals separated, five petals went to five Prince Stage Grey Earth Crockmen fighting my teammates while the other seven went to the Grey Earth Crockman Cursemaster.

The petals felt like they were gently gliding in the wind, but they took barely a moment to appear before their target before seeping inside their head, passing through the obstructions as if they did not exist.


"As expected," I muttered when I saw a defensive layer coming up in front of the Grey Earth Crockman Curse Master as my petals struck it.

The transparent runic defensive layer had completely blocked the attack; not a single petal was able to pass through it.

Defensive Talisman!

In a fight, this bastard was carefree; even when it looked at the Kings fighting above, there was only slight fear in its eyes. As if it did not fear the attack of it much, which means it has something that could protect it even against the Kings.

I am very surprised that my guess turned right; it is very hard to get a defensive talisman even for the Grimm Monster. Though not much as ours as humans, our energy only became suitable to create talisman at Tyrant Stage Grimm Monsters could create from the King Stage.

There are some exceptions like some Supreme Inheritances, but rare is Supreme Inheritance, and even among those who have Supreme Inheritance, how many have erudite expertise in Runology to create the talisman. Creating Talisman is extremely difficult, even if one has knowledge of it.

Even if its Defensive Talisman is of King Stage, it is extremely hard to create even for the Grimm Monster. Still, I am very happy to use my most powerful defensive move against this bastard.

There are two types of defensive Talismans; one is Active and the others passive. An active defensive Talisman is one that one has to activate for it to work while passive activated on its own when it senses the life-threatening danger.

"You bastard, you made me use my defensive talisman!" "You know how f.u.c.k.i.n.g rare they are; I have to risk my life to it, but not it has wasted under your puny attack." It roared loudly, it seemed extremely happy as if it wanted to tear me apart, but it had nothing of that sort, just looked at me with burning eyes.

"So, what can you do about it? Do you have any powerful move you want to attack me with it or have any attacking talisman to attack me with?" I asked mockingly, "Oh, wait, you don't have it; if you had you have used it long ago." I said again in a mocking tone.

Though my voice is mocking, my heart is beating wildly. I am treading on dangerous waters here by inciting it, if this f.u.c.ker had the attacking talisman and attacked me with it, it

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