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Chapter 1148 - Violet Clear Water

I soon reached Adventure Paradise, which is in the center of the city. The Adventures Paradise in Fort Ardon is a little different. There is no emblem of Adventurer Paradise despite having the name; instead, there is an emblem of the Golden Pyramid.

In my native continent, the existence of Pyramids is a secret that is known to few, but only a few who have the strength and connections know about it. The Pyramid is in command of all Battlefields in the world and has been for more than ten thousand years.

It is not an organization but made of all Organizations, everyone who entered the Grimm Battlefield is a member of it one way or another, and it is commanded by the strongest seven people this generation.

Currently, the leader of the Pyramid is the sister of Ellen's Teacher, who is also the Leader of Crystal Domination.

After giving it a glance one more time, I walked inside. There is a huge crowd inside, everybody going in their way.

I asked for the direction where I have to go and soon reached my destination on the 42 Floor. I've had to wait for an hour before meeting with the person in charge of the team allocations.

"You know Hospitals' offer is very great; I've never seen the Hospital giving any healer such an offer." The person next to me said after we went through all the doc.u.mentation and now just the final stamp of approval remains.

"I like to be in the field," I replied with a smile. Hospital had upped its offer even I was thinking about it for a moment before rejecting it. No matter how good the offer is, it does not help me progress as I will progress in the field.

"It is your choice." He said and started tapping on the projection in front of him. "All done, you will get assigned to the team by tomorrow." He said as he closed the hologram in front of him.

"I wish you good luck in your missions." The man said when I got up to leave, "Thank You." I said and walked out of the room.

I had applied in the 'Hunter' division; they do one of the most dangerous missions and have a high mortality rate; it is not rare for them to have the whole team wiped out.

The members of Hunter Division worked in a small team; each team does not have more than five members, and the missions of teams are killing the Curse Masters and Poison Masters, and other tricky bastards.

Normally there is a strict examination for it, but due to the teacher's recommendation, my experience in Grimm Battlefield and my healing abilities had earned me a place in one of the hardest to get places.

Despite having huge mortality, there is a great competition to get into the Hunter Division as there are very few teams. Each team had three to four fighters and a Medic.

It is a Medic that limits the groups; there is already a scarcity of Healers/Medics and very few like me who are willing to join the dangerous division.

That made the number of teams very scarce, that the

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