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Chapter 1156 - Essense Rose III

It had been six hours since the battle started, and it is raging at full volume—Grimm Monsters and humans and fighting with their full power. Bodies of humans and Grimm Monsters could be seen on the ground now and then.

The battle is a bloody affair, in the battle of millions of casualties of the thousands is normal, but despite being bloody filled with death. People would join the battle the next day.

Seeing the numbers the Grimm Monsters have, we humans understood the importance of the constant battles. We participated whether we wanted it or not, We had to battle so we could quell their numbers and progress further in the path.

Only those who go through the baptism of Iron and Blood go further; in the world, there was no powerhouse who did not need to climb the mountain of Grimm Monsters bodies to reach the top.

For the past six hours, we have been killing Special Profession Grimm Monster. Every hour we would kill three of them at the least, and two hours ago, we even managed to kill five of them within an hour.

Most of them died without creating many problems, but some of them created a big problem, and one had nearly killed me. These special profession Grimm Monsters, are very dangerous, and the Hunters Division is a group of people on suicide missions.

I am sure no one wants to deal with these bastards and would have let them do what they want if not them being so f.u.c.k.i.n.g dangerous. At their current stage, they are dangerous but not as dangerous as them when they level to Emperor and Tyrant.

At that stage, they became so dangerous that people of the same level became ants to them; not only that, they became even harder to kill, and their wiliness also increased many folds.

So it is important we kill bastards when they are still growing, making their already few numbers fewer. But one can't directly go crazy on them; killing each one needs careful considerations.

"Let's go; another one is at four hundred meters away," I said, and we started the move toward it, but halfway through it, my steps stumbled for a moment when I sensed something; I quickly made hand signs to my teammates, who faltered for a moment.

They thought for a second before Jimmy made signs, and the other two nodded, and we moved toward it; on the way, I reinforced their tattoos, which I have not done since I gave them.

This time it is going to be exceptionally dangerous; normally, I don't ask my teammates about targets and just tell them but this time I felt the need of taking a risk and asking them is the right thing to do.

We had come across such scenarios before and stayed away, but our constant success this past hour with minimal danger had made us a little confident or, I might say, overconfident if we failed.

There is quite a high chance some of us might lose their life during the attack, but everyone understood this is necessary.

Many of the Curse Masters

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