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Chapter 1219 - Travelling Together I

It had been six hours since I had started my journey with Jim and others; in these six hours, we have come across two groups of Grimm Monsters and numerous monsters, which are getting stronger and stronger.

We have to deal with every monster we have come across as they are one crazy bunch and the two Grimm Monsters group. We did not fight, they just moved away, and we had no intentions to chase them.

Except for we did or Ashlyn did, just like that Group of Grimm Monsters which fought the Jim and others first.

At first, Ashlyn had attacked four of the Grimm Monsters, in which Ashlyn got lucky and was able to kill one for them as for the three, they got away due to their talismans.

As for the other two groups, Ashlyn wiped out one group while some third group members could get away due to talisman.

All monsters that attacked, I did not lift the weapons to deal with them; my teammates dealt all of them in a very quick speed, Ashlyn and I just watched the show.

Four more hours had passed, and evening had come; the whole forest has become dark and Cosmic Energy very dense. I could see all my teammates using their special methods to deal with it, and their methods are quite good as the Cosmic Energy did not seem to affect them any bit.

"It enough for today; we should find a good spot to rest for the night," Mary said as she stopped the team. Nobody had objections, it had been two hours since the evening had come, and we had continued with our journey to meet our target.

"This spot would do," Jim said fifteen minutes later after seeing a well-hidden spot and took out a model of a beautiful brick house and placed it on the ground before taking a step back as the model started to grow bigger.

A few seconds later, the brick house model had transformed into a tiny house. Jim opened the door, and everyone went in.

"Nice, Sky Saber must value you a lot to give you a Space Abode this early," I said appreciatively as I entered the big hall, to that he just smiled gently.

This hall is wide as the hall of my abode, but the Interior completely different. It had a minimalistic design with light colors opposite my abode using the dark colors, but it looked just as comfortable.

"There is another reason why I had asked you to come with us, Micheal; I hope you cook us a hot fresh meal; we have grown quite bored eating the packaged food," Jim asked.

"Sure," I replied with a smile before going into the room that is assigned to me. The Interior of the room is also minimalistic comfortable. After taking off all the clothes, I went to the shower and came out twenty minutes later.

After wearing comfortable clothes, I went out of my room, only seeing mary also coming out here looking fresh.

"I did not. You could cook; you seemed to be a man of many talents." Mary said, clearly in a flirting tone. "It is a hobby," I replied with a smile.

"Do you need any h

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