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Chapter 1228 - To The Roots I

We have finally come across the root; it is vibrant and looked like it had been carved out from the crystal.

When we reach closer to it, we felt a slight change in the vitality density; it is slightly denser near the crystalline root. As we noticed that, both of us had seen silently took out a spindly device and placed it on the root.

Next second, runes on the device lit up faintly, and the glass tube above it started to fill with green liquid. The devices stayed active for around twenty seconds before they died down, and both of us took the devices back.

I looked at the Vibrant Green liquid inside the tube; like a root, it also has a slight crystalline feel.

This Green Liquid is the root juice of the Crown Tree, a very wonderful thing. It is filled with concentrated vitality and many other things that made it the optimum alchemy material.

I could feel the bursting gentle energy of root juice, and it is diluted root juice as it comes from the furthest's root. The closer I get the Crown Tree, the better quality Root Juice I will get.

I want to get the best quality Root Juice; getting a single drop of it will make my coming here worthwhile.

'Caught you.'

As we were observing the root juice, a small snake monster had gotten closer to us. I had noticed it a little while ago, and seeing it is not making any noise, I let it come closer to me, and now I caught it when it jumped to attack us.

The vines started to strangle the monster, and at the same time, needle-thin thorns from the vines pierced through the tough defense of the snake and started growing around it; a few seconds later, it died. I stored its body inside my storage.

A few minutes later, we have come across a small pond of cosmic water between the roots, and seeing no monster around, we emptied it.

We may have collected tons of Cosmic Energy-rich water till now, but there is always space for more, and not to forget this water is in the range of Crown Tree; the amount of Cosmic Energy inside it is off the charts.

Few minutes after that, we come across the big branch of dried wood, which is clearly from the Crown Tree. Mary quickly pocketed it; it is no doubt that wood from the crown tree made it very valuable.

We started to find more and more things every few minutes while collecting root juice every half hour. It is like walking on the treasure street; whenever you look, you will find some treasure.

It would have been perfect if there had not been so many dangerous monsters around us that would attack us frenziedly if we made the slightest sound.

"Micheal look," Mary said, and I slowly walked toward her and saw what she is pointing.

On our way, I saw a small group of monsters. They looked like an insect monster with bright glowing eyes and mouth couldn't help but give me a shudder.

"I will handle three; you deal with the closest two." This will be our first time dealing

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