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Chapter 1239 - Return

Three days had passed, and this is an evening of the fourth; just a few hours ago, we finished sacking up the whole store, and now we are sitting in a simple tent, eating dinner.

We did not want to use Space Abode or any other abode that might interfere with the homing device that will call us back home. I have been in this Ruin for a month and got many good things, but it is now time to go home.

"I will miss the food you cooked very dearly, Micheal," Mary said as she puts her fork down and laid back on her chair, "The other food is trash compared to what you cook; it will suck." She said in a complaining voice.

"You will be fine in a few days," I said; the regular food will taste bad for few days before she gets used to it.

"What are you going to do after you return, stay in Fort Ardon or return to the Academy?" She asked suddenly, I have not really throught about it but now she asked, it made me think.

"I will stay in Fort Ardon for a month before returning," I replied after a minute of silence before turning to her, "You?" I asked back, "I will return to the organization; I had been in Morristown for nearly four months." She replied before we fell into silence again.

I would have returned to Academy too if not to fight to collect some data in my upgraded move. Ive barely healed and Harvested the monster and used some other moves; I want to see their performance and collect data on them before I return.

Ruin's harvest is great; everything I got from it will keep me busy for at least a few months before I would need to come for another of such adventures.


We were sitting in comfortable silence when my homing device suddenly buzzed and waved at Mary before I found myself disappearing from her view and before finding myself in the space tunnel.

My heart couldn't help but beat faster when I found myself in a space tunnel; those memories have left a quite big scar that I don't think will fade.

I calm myself from my unstable emotions and look at the space tunnel; I will only have to stay here for a couple of seconds before I returned to Fort Ardon, where I will be safe from any accidents.

Time passed excruciatingly slow; each second felt like an hour before I found everything going dark in front of me. Next second, everything in front of me had brightened up, and I had found myself beneath with more and more people appearing around me.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

I quickly moved away from the platform and silenced all the notifications that are coming to holowatch. I did not open any of them and directly went toward my quarters; now that I had returned, there is one thing I had to do.


A few minutes later, I opened my apartment door and closed it from behind before I opened my holowatch and sent the teacher a mail; it is the most encrypted mail I have and only to be sent in a very specific condition.

With that done, I heaved a sigh of reli

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