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Chapter 1235 - Rule Advancement


Mary said as she looked at the yellow Rhino that is moving in front of her, "I had thought my energy control was better according to my stage, and then I met your friend Jim who had a similar level of energy control but now I met whose control is beyond belief." She whispered.

"It is one thing to shaped this Fluid, but it is another thing to making it move this smoothly." She said, to that, I just smiled.

She is right; moving it in such smooth motion is far difficult than shaping it, but I am not having any problem doing that; it is far too easier than controlling the numerous energies when I am cooking.

Before I got the Tome, I had enough control over the energy to shape the Rhino; moving it was like climbing a tall mountain, but after cooking for thousands of hours in the Tome, my control got good enough that I could make it move.

"Where is the spot were you talking about earlier?" I asked; she talked about her knowing a good spot for finding treasure, and since there are still a few days, I am up for finding the treasures.

"When I transported to this ruin, I had been transported above it, and just as my feet landed on it, it collapsed, taking me that place." She said, hearing that I couldn't help but feel jealous, landing directly above the treasure; one would rarely have such luck.

"It seemed to be some treasure shop of treasure storage; I can't tell, but I found some good things there, and if not for Crown Tree, I would have spent all my time in the ruin there." She said.

'Who wouldn't?' I asked myself; if I had found myself in a treasure house, I would have too not got out of it unless I have to.

"How long will it take us to get there?" I asked; I don't plan to move out of this abode no matter how great treasure is. "Its shouldn't take us more than after tomorrow if we leave in the morning; if there were interruption, it might take us evening." She said.

When she said the time, she especially emphasized the word 'morning,' making it clear that she too does not wish to leave the abode before morning.

"Ok, we will leave in the morning," I said before I changed the topic, two hours passed by without me realizing as I continued talking with mary; by the time I realized what time it is, it is time for dinner again.

I cooked something light for dinner seeing with has late lunch for a few hours. Dinner was fun, and after dinner, we talked for an hour before we retired to our rooms.

Like always, I went to the practice room but did not materialize the tub instead;, I took out a big log of wood with a curvy hole inside it. I planned to make the tub out of it.

Since there is already a hole, I furnish it little to make it comfortable. After I went back home, I will make a proper tub out of it by the professional carpenter, but it will have to do with my work for now.

I took out a couple of tools and started to carve out some parts I n

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