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Chapter 1223 - Strengthening II


Finally, after one and a half-hour later, I got out of water. This time the refinement took less time, but its effect far surpassed the other Cosmic Water refining Ive gone through, the benefits kind of shocking.

I could feel the strength coursing through every fibre of my body; my soul has also become even firmer as I could perceive the world around me at even greater clarity. Though going through such refining nothing but throwing yourself at fine, its benefits are beyond compare.

If I continued with such refining, I would get a body strong as the monsters. Though for it, I will have to go through such painful refining for months. Still, nobody will stop me from having a strong body as the monsters if I preserve through it.

This one and half hour of refining had tired me out very much, but I can't sleep yet. From tomorrow, we will face exceptionally strong monsters, and for them, I have to prepare.

All of them are at a higher level than me, and in the Apex Inheritance, even a small level grants a huge boost of power. I don't want to be left behind or become a burden to them; if Jim can successfully concoct that potion, I will get a good boost in my power.

Knock Knock!

I was busy with my thoughts when I heard the knock, hearing that I got up happily and wore a robe since I was n.a.k.e.d before I walked toward my bedroom door.


I opened the door with a click and found Jim on the other side, holding a small bottle with dark red liquid in it. "Have you able to craft it successfully?" I asked expectantly, looking at the bottle with dark red liquid.

"With me crafting it, how can it not be successful. I was able to craft it with better quality than I had expected." He said as he handed me a bottle, "Thank you." I said.

To be honest, I was half expecting he would fail, seeing how difficult it crafts this potion, but Jim did it, and now It is time for me to use it; after talking to Jim for few minutes, I again went back to the practice room and materialized the tub.

I took a special diluting solution from my storage and filled the tube with it before emptying all the solution into the tub; a second later, my robe fell on the ground, and I submerged myself into the tub.

The solution is quite cold but is not at the level I would feel uncomfortable with it. As I unsealed my inheritance, I started to feel this coolness spreading through my whole body as the runes began to suck the energy ravenously.

The runes are acting like they hadn't eaten something for a long while, and now they got something delicious, which they are eating up ravenously. The cooling sensation feels very great and relaxing, completely different from the hell Ive experienced earlier.

I could feel my runes are getting stronger and stronger; with them becoming stronger, my runes will also become stronger. The strength this solution would grant me would help me very

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