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Chapter 1230 - Extraction

"Micheal, we are close," Mary said excitedly as she looked at gigantic crystalline roots a few hundred meters in front of us.

The central roots are different from the other roots, they have a faint golden sheen in vibrant green color, and they looked a lot more crystalline than the other roots we have seen so far.

We have reached closer to the central roots a few hours earlier than expected. It is just a mid-morning of the next day; it only took us just about a day to reach here.

"Let's walk toward it slowly," I said, and she nodded. We crawled toward the central roots under a mesh of gigantic roots thicker than the house, and central roots are even bigger and thicker.

Our small size is very convenient to walk sneakily under the roots, and if not for the crazy thick cosmic energy present around us, everything would have been even more perfect.

Space crack is right below the tree, and the tree's gigantic roots cover it like a package and harnessing the Cosmic Energy that is released from it, but some energy still leaked out, and that Cosmic Energy is coming from the source that is below us.

The density of the Cosmic Energy is now so thick that some cosmic energy still infiltrates the seal I assumed to perfect. It is injuring me every second, and if not for the dense vitality that is healing my injuries next second, I would have died ten times over.

It is not just me who is having a problem; Mary is too having difficulty dealing with the Cosmic Energy; it is clear from her bloodshot eyes. Still, despite facing such challenges, we move towards the Central Roots, where the comic energy is extremely dense.

The risk is very much worth it; it is the central roots that are enveloping the space crack and harvesting Cosmic Energy from the space. So, one can imagine what value the root juice contained.

People would l.u.s.t for its single drop of it, and I am planning to harvest a tank. I need this root juice for my research, strengthening, refinement, and a host of other things; I needed it very much.

We moved slowly, avoiding any monster that is sitting above and stopping if it is not moving. In such times, I asked Ashlyn for help, as there are a shocking number of Grimm Monsters that had reached near the tree.

It also helped that were are traveling from the ground, not above like before. Here in gound, due to denseness of energy, very few monsters prefer to live, and those who live on the ground, had their eyes close if they are dead.

When I first saw such a scene, I was startled not because I thought it was dead but because of seeing it taking thick cosmic energy inside it and refining its body with it, and it is doing it with such natural fashion that I had a scare.

That time Mary had informed me that these monsters are the powerhouses of this ruin. They are very old and are trying to break the limit that this ruin had placed on them; most of them meditated

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