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Chapter 1233 - Consuming II


Copper Armored Ape monster growled and punched Ashlyn, but to its surprise, Ashlyn had directly passed through its Arm as she went inside it, making it cut its growl abruptly.

The Monster stayed in the air in a weird fashion of its Arm out for a few seconds before it had transformed that of energy from the fleshly body and started to shrink.

The shrinking speed is quite fast as, within a minute, a three-meter long, dangerous-looking Copper Armored Ape monster had turned into a palm-size looking monster; it looked like one of the stuffed toys that my sister has.

It stayed just like that for a couple of minutes before suddenly it transformed into a palm-size energy ball, which started solidify.


A popping sound rang out as the solidifying energy ball popped up like a ballon, revealing Ashlyn.

When I looked at her, I found no change in her; she looks the same, and her aura also the same; the only difference I could notice that the silvery crystal on her forehead has slightly bigger and a little shinier.

I did not know she had gained that consuming ability of that weird Monster, and now she had consumed the Copper Armored Ape monster; I don't know how to feel about that.

So, I consoled myself that she had eaten the Ape Monster, just without cooking and alive, and as for why she did it, it is likely related to the crystal on the forehead of the Monster, which seemed to be related to the soul.

That crystal on its head is also likely why the Monster has discovered us with natural visual abilities. It is impossible to see through the suits camouflage and only through special soul related to mean, a Prince Stage monsters see through it.

Chew Chew

I wanted to ask Ashlyn some questions and opened my mouth to do it when suddenly Ashlyn chirped and came inside me but not before her wings touched my storage ring.

Ashlyn said she is tired and she is going to sleep, speaking of being tired. I am also feeling very tired; there is pain coursing through every part of my body and soul as I overused it and not forget the injuries I had received, which are rapidly healing.


I stayed in the air couple of seconds, thinking before I went down; I had just landed on the ground about to find a safe place when I saw something coming speedily toward my direction.

"Micheal, are you all right? Where is that Monster?" Mary asked as she came out of thick trees. Her face looked bloodied a little, and her aura is still unstable; it is very clear she had been heavily injured, and her injuries are healing up rapidly.

"I am fine, and as for the monster, it left as we reached the boundary," I said. She looked at me inquisitively, knowing it is a lie, but she did not ask further after giving me a look.

"Let's rest; I am tired, and you must be too." She said and walked toward the inconspicuous place before taking out her small house model, which loo

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