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Chapter 1220 - Travelling Together II

"The dinner was really good," Jim said as he laid back on the chair; his plates were clean and stomach full; if not for that, he would have taken a bite of whatever that is remaining.

"I am feeling full; the last time I had eaten this much when it was when Great Cook have cooked for my welcoming ceremony," Mary said as she also laid back in the chair like Jim.

One by one, everyone laid back on their chairs after stuffing themselves full. They have eaten all I cooked; there barely anything remained in pots.

We talked for quite minutes, and I got to find some interesting things about these people. Sarah is now Jim's fiancé, which is not surprising, seeing how hopelessly in love he is with her, and even if I don't want to admit she also loves him just as much.

On the other hand, Jacob and Nick are in a relationship while Mary had gone through a bad break up a few days before she came to this ruin, she had no specific reason to come here other than clearing her mind.

"How are you guys preparing for the Battle King? There is barely one and a half years remained to that." Suddenly Jacob asked when I was about to excuse myself to my room.

Battle King, he is referring to is World Championship, the greatest competition in the world where nearly every person is excited for including me, but unfortunately for me, I don't think I will participate in it.

"I am very excited; I am sure I could reach the Peak Level of King Stage at that time," Sarah said excitedly.

For others crossing two big stages in a single year quite a feat, especially the King Stage, whose comprehension, even talented struggled to get, but it is not a problem for this bunch.

"Me, too." "I don't think it will be a problem for me to reach the Peak of King Stage in one and a half years," Nick said with the same excitement as Sarah before Mary also chimed in.

These people are hosts of Apex Inheritances, and these Inheritances chose them for a reason. These People are already at the Mid and High level of Duke and could level up rapidly if they wanted, but they are not doing that.

They wanted to level up step by step, harnessing the power of their Inheritance to their limit before level up.

"Let's retire; we will be leaving quite early tomorrow," Sarah said, and we all got up from our seats and walked toward our rooms.

As I entered my room, I directly walked into the practice room and opened the control. Jim had given everyone partial control so that they can manage their rooms their way.

As the marble tub appeared, I filled it with the Cosmic Energy-rich Water before adding some herbs and other things. After everything is ready, I stepped into the tub while feeling the torturous pain.

The seconds of entering, I became injured, but I kept hang of that state by circulating my healing energy and healing rule, not to forget the power of my Constitution, also helping me very much.

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