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Chapter 1240 - Return II

"Nearly all of the Inheritances found in Ruins have very nasty seals on them, its is extremely hard to solve those seal without destroying the Inheritance itself," Professor said as she put the box down.

"Do you want me to relay something to your teacher?" Professor asked; I nodded and took out a couple of small bottles and a paper list, "I need these things; I would be grateful if I got them sooner," I said.

Professor to the list from my hands and look at it carefully, "Though the things in the list are nothing compare to what you provided; still what your are asking is also a lot, those old guys will want to see them in case you are asking these things for others." She said while arching her brow, clearly asking if I am asking them for someone else.

"They all are for me, and they will see the result when I return to the academy," I said. She looked at me for a while before she stored all stuff in her storage. "Well, I will leave now. Your teacher is a little busy currently, but she will call you in the evening." She said before she left.

She did not take her Isolation balls, so she had left them for me; I picked them up before started to reply to all the messages and call my parents. I talked to them for a while before hanging up.

With that done, I walked into the practice room and took out the abode. Since I have the abode, why would I like in a normal apartment and as for it consuming quite a lot of energy crystal, I could minimize them by only keeping a few rooms active.

The crystals are not a problem for me; I had already made plenty of them since I came back from the ruin with the bodies Ive stored in runic discs and will make when I join the battle in a few days.

Not to forget, I could always exchange the normal Roses I have for the crystal; I am sure many organizations would be immediately ready for such an exchange.

I went inside the space abode, and the first thing I did was shower; after I have done that, I laid relaxedly on my bed and opened the Tome. There is so much to practice in Tome; this new recipe is something.

I remained in Tome for one straight hour before I got out tired, though I am tired I had practiced the recipe that had been giving me quite a stress; it had really taken a long time to master this recipe.

I rested for a half-hour before I closed my eyes and went to my Inheritance Place. If I want to keep improving, I had to keep working on Inheritance, and to be honest will the inspirations and data I have, there is so much to do.

So, I started my messy work without wasting any time where the runes seen are floating around me. Some runes were lone, while others were in formation, broken or otherwise.

Though working on Inheritance make me tired with all thinking, I very much enjoyed it. Sometimes hours passed by with me noticing the time, and this time is also something like that.

I was so busy that I lost track of time; if no

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