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Chapter 1229 - To The Roots II

"What is that?" Mary asked when she also noticed some commotion above. Hearing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. Ashlyn had finally made a move, and we better make use of it.

"There will be little commotion on our left; we should make use of it cover more distance," I said, and a second after that, cursing of Grimm Monsters rang out, and I could see many monsters moving toward it.

Mary looked at me in confusion and question, but all I did was smile and quickly start making my way forward. We only have a few precious minutes, and in that time, we have to cross much of a distance as possible, especially across that gathering point of a big group of monsters.

Ashlyn had told me, and there is a big group of monsters on how we cannot fight without attracting attention.

So, I asked Ashlyn to attract the attention and who would best attract the attention of Monsters other than Grimm Monsters, which Monsters hate with zeal.

We have come across many Grimm Monsters groups during the travel here, and except for a few, Ashlyn did not attack others. She just left them with her strange tracking a mark, a new ability she got after leveling up to Duke Stage.

Whenever I need distractions, I could ask Ashlyn to use those Grimm Monsters without being noticed, but this plan is not full proof. In that big group, I had Ashlyn attract attention for having some of the monsters left behind.

Twenty-some monsters have left their place, but there are still nine of them have been left behind, and all these nine monsters are Prince Stage monsters that we will have to kill before we could move ahead.

The monsters are Thunder Goats; they are known for their speed and offense, but I could also

I and mary hid behind the giant root and discussed the plan of dealing with them. "Its decided them, I will handle four, and you will handle five," Mary said, and I nodded.

With the plan made, Mary disappeared from her spot, and three vines erupted from the ground and bound the three monsters; at the same time, two roses came out of me and turned into the blades before flying toward the two Lightning Goat monsters who have just become alert.

Puchi! Puchi!

The Rose Blades pieced through the eyes of the two Goat Monsters before they could scream from their mouth and launch the attack they were charging, and as for the monsters bound in vines, they are now completely covered in vines and hundred of needles piercing their brain to kill them.

In three seconds, I killed all the monsters Ive attacked, but it made me very tired; using two Rose Domination moves simultaneously is not easy, especially when I am using Rose Vine at full capacity.

It already takes all the focus I have to control three vines and on top of that, launching two blades of Rose Death is too much. I am currently feeling a splitting headache that makes me like someone is banging on my head repeatedly with the

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