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Chapter 1224 - Burned To The Ashes I

Monsters after the monster attacked, we kept dealing with them quickly and efficiently as we kill most of them in a single attack.

My teammates have started to show their real power as they kept killing monster after monster in their quicked speed even after the monsters kept getting stronger with each step.

It is not only monsters; the Cosmic Energy in the environment is also getting denser and denser. I have all the holes in my armor except for three, which allows Cosmic Energy and Vitality to allow in my body for refinement.

"There are a group of ten Grey Wolf Monsters are coming toward us," I said to the group slowly, and they became alert. It is not my first time informing the group; I have been doing that for three hours.

Ashlyn is ahead of killing and scouting, her help is great for the team, but she could not kill the monsters that came in all directions; at best, she could inform me of all the monsters that come in our directions.

Zub Zub Zub…

A minute later, a group of Grey Wolves attacked us from the shadow of the thick trees. Their attack had been almost silent, and if not for the Ashlyn informing us about them, they would have been sneak attack us.

There are an awful lot of monsters in this forest which have the ability to evade the soul sense, this group of Grey wolves one of them.

As their sneak attack came, we acted; everyone moved toward the wolves in coordinated fashion without any hint of chaos. Like everyone else, I also launched my attack.

I moved toward the Wolves, and at the same time, vines erupted from the three places and wrapped three wolves before they could even do anything.

Puch! Puch!

Just as the vines bound them, I appeared in front of the wolf and pierced my sword through its skull before I moved to the another and pierced its very defensive head easily with my sword.

As for the third wolf, it was killed by Jim. We have been working together for quite a while; whenever there are many monsters, he finished off some of them.

Within three seconds of the attack, all the monsters are dead, and we collected their bodies before moving forward with our journey. It won't be long before another group came and we have to cover as much as distance possible.

We are already very slow compared to the usual speed, but we still have the target. We have to reach the Crown Tree today.


I was moving along with my teamates, Ashlyn informed me about her sensing another group of Grimm Monster. There are seem to awfully lot of Grimm Monsters coming toward the Grimm Monsters going the Crown Tree, far more than intel suggests.

Perhaps intel had been wrong in the first place where soul sense quite suppressed due to thick Cosmic Energy that they have never been able to doc.u.ments the right numbers of Grimm Monsters.

Compare to teams of Grimm Monsters, teams humans are awfully low in numbers. Till now, Ashl

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