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Chapter 1227 - Crown Tree II

"Going with such big teams would be like putting targets on our heads; going alone is too much of the risk seeing the numbers of monsters that are present." Rachel said.

"I think we should move by the teams of two; that is the best option for our current circ.u.mstances." She said, just as she said it, Mary and I looked at each other.

Jim and Rachel are engaged so that they will team up with each other, and so is Jacob and Nick, who is in a relationship. That left mary and me.

"As we have discussed, our top priority is to get the root juice of the Central Root, which is not going to happen within a day or might not even possible two days, we will need at least three days to extract the root juice of the central roots," I said, to that everyone nodded in affirmation.

"Micheal is right; we will need at least three days.," said Mary.

Half an hour later, we all got up from our seats; I don't know if we will see each other in this ruin again or not. As no one knows how much time it takes to extract the root juice of quality we need and other things, and nobody will wait for others.

So, we decided to make it goodbye. One by one, we got out of the abode and stood in a group of two.

"Best of luck to you all," Nick said before leaving with Jacob, and Jim also waved as he left with Sarah. "Its just two of us, hun," Mary said. I smiled before changing the color of my Armor to forest green.

Silver is too eyecatching; walking silver Armor is like becoming a live target for everyone to shoot; I don't want that.

'Here, wear this; it will help us make even more inconspicuous." Mary said as she handed me a camouflage suit. I looked at the suit and found a skilled artificer who crafted it.

Just looking at it gives me the feeling that one looking piece of shrubs, not a suit, the visual phenomenon of it produces is really amazing.

"A Tyrant Stage Artificer of my academy crafted it, it not only creates a very strong visual phenomenon, especially when you add mana into it but also produce the scent of the plants and hide sounds of steps."

"If we remained unmoved wearing this, even the most powerful monster here would not be able to tell the difference." She explained, her expression arse very proud when she informed me about the suit.

"Its very nice," I said, sounding impressed as I wore the suit over my Armor. It had completely packed my body; even the eyeholes were covered in the specially crafted glass.

I could open any part of this suit; it is not viable to keep it completely packed. I practiced opening some parts which would be needed to perform some of my attacks.

"Let's go," I said after I got familiar with the working of the Armor.

We both walked side-by-side toward the tree; they may look close, but it was twenty kilometers ahead of us, but it seemed closer due to its widespread branches.

We will have to walk about two kilometers before comi

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