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Chapter 1523 - Shocked!

"Abyssal Star Inheritance, nothing special about it," Elijah said as he pushed Jill into the forcefield,

"I had thought I would get some real challenge from you, but your strength was just so-so," Elijah added as he licked his bloodied teeth.

The whole crowd is watched in shock as Elijah defeated Jill, holder of Legendary Inheritance that once shocked the world, and now, another holder of it lay defeated by the forcefield.

Elijah is mocking Jill, and all she could do is looked at him with a look of defeat. It is clear she is crushed by her defeat, and Elijah's mocking had crushed her further.

She had the Inheritance of Ramona Hawthorn, and Jill the first person to get the same Inheritance as her.

The Inheritance came expectations, people judging her every move and her every Battle to her shining predecessor.

The pressure she had on her fragile shoulder was immense, and she had worked her ass off not let down those expectations from her organization and the whole world, and till now, she had done everything perfectly, winning every Battle in perfect textbook style, but this defeat had crushed her and crushed what she had done till now.

Losing one Battle did not mean anything, but this Battle is her everything, and the mocking she had got made everything worse.

I could see a single tear coming off from her left eye as she begins to walk out of the arena with a face full of disappointment she is feeling toward herself.

"The Winner is Elijah James of Sundering Peak!" Marla announced, and the crowd began to cheer; though they cheered loudly, their cheer was uneven as if they can't decide cheer or not, and now everybody around them cheers; they also cheered but could not able to bring the same amount of cheer as before.

"Now that Elijah James has won the Battle, there will be no second semifinal battle; instead, Elijah James and Micheal Zaar will fight the final tomorrow," Marla announced, and the crowd cheered at the prospect of final, and their cheer was consistent this time.

"I hope you will be able to put good performance tomorrow and not be a disappointment as her," Elijah said while smiling wolfishly before leaving the participant's area.

I did not reply to him, just continued to look at his back and think about the feeling I had felt from him a second ago. When he talked to me, he did not reveal any aura, but for some reason, all hairs from my body stood up.

This reaction was enough to let me know that Elijah is far stronger than he had shown in his Battle with Jill, and it couldn't help but shock the hell out of me, asking myself, how could one be this powerful?

I had experienced hell to get the strength I have and but Elijah just gave me the feeling that he could crush me in a single more; only very powerful Emperors have given me such dangerous feeling, but Elijah is clearly a King, if he were not, he would not have been able to step into the a

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