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Chapter 1550 - Idea

Professor had teleported us directly to the Mansion, and I finally felt relieved. The reporters were like sharks, nibbling every inch of what they could get. If I had not had to promote the academy, I would not have got near them.

It still is not over; the days after tomorrow, I have the interviews with multiple channels, just thinking about them, my head started to get hurt.

I wish I had talent in dealing with people like Elina, who loves the reporters for some strange reason.

"Are you feeling alright?" Mom asked, "Yes, just a little tired," I said, this time my parents have come with me to the Mansion, which is good; I had missed my sister, with them here, I will get a lot of time to play with her.

"You should get rest; we have lots of things to ask of you later," she said, and she put quite an emphasis on the latter sentence, increasing the headache I have even more.

"Ok!" I said and walked toward my room; the headache and tiredness are not much, and I should have stayed with my family to answer all their questions; I am sure they have many, but there are some things I have to do first.

As I entered my room, I close the door and put out 'Do Not Disturb' before sitting on the comfortable chair and closing my eyes, and soon, I am in my Inheritance space.

This battle had been the most fruitful battles I had ever fought, and it is not because of the bloodline power my runes got to strengthen with; it is something more, it is an idea that will make my Inheritance greater, far greater.

Till now, I had been in control of the very precious resource, but I never thought of it using it such away, but in this battle, I had learned to use that resource to its full potential.

This idea is going to be very successful; I already know it. The only thing I have to do is make a perfect design worthy of it.

I have to design that could use its full potential, and fortunately, I have time since this idea will materialize in the big upgrade of the Emperor stage.

This idea is going to make me overhaul my Inheritance yet again, and this time, the overhaul will be bigger, far bigger, and the strength I will get will be shockingly great.

I will have to do great research for it; I felt like the knowledge I have is not enough for me to materialize that idea its greatest efficiency, and it is a good thing; I have more than half of the study material I need.

The seven books provided by the hidden being filled with unlimited knowledge; without them, I would not have been able to design such perfect Inheritance, and now I have to study them even deeper while researching the ideas.

I will also have to request the teacher and council to let me see all Inheritance material we have in the academy, especially some snippets of Her Excellency Headmistress Inheritance, till now teacher had not let me research, she even restricted information on her Inheritance that even Princes could see.

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