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Chapter 1525 - Mid Level of King Stage II

'The Runes!' I exclaimed in shock as I saw the Micheal Inheritance Runes appearing on his body.

I had seen the Micheals' Inheritance Runes before; when he was designing the Inheritance, he had asked about my views on some of his designs.

His designs were pretty basic, but they were very original; the ideas he used were never seen before.

Despite being very basic design, his Inheritance had provided him with the better than average strength but the runes I see right now are completely, utterly different from what I had seen last time.

Their basicness is completely gone; the Inheritance Formations that appeared on his body are exceedingly complex, a far more complex than any King could create with the runic knowledge they have.

His knowledge of runes had already reached a great height that now barely any King or Emperor can match it; only Tyrants could match to his knowledge.

If he can create an Emperor Level Inheritance, then there would select few people in the whole world who would be able to match him in his Runic Knowledge.

Her Excellency Headmistress when reached Tyrant Stage, no one in the whole world could match her in Runic Knowledge, and due to this knowledge, once all the wards of academy activate, the whole power of Nine Supremes won't be able to break through its wards for at least a week.

The other thing that shocked me even more than the complexity of Runes is their materialization. These Inheritance Runes are no simple imprinted Runes anymore; she can sense strange power in them, which means they had materialized.

Which should not be possible; after becoming a member of the council, she got to know many confidential things that, even in supremes select few, know, the notes left behind by her excellency headmistress had been very enlightening.

Materialization requires extremely, extremely rare resources such as Divine crystal and, among other things and had followed a very complicated procedure; she gets to read about these procedures from the Her Excellency Headmistresses notes.

For her future successor, she had left those extremely precious resources.

I previously doubted Micheal would have the ability to get those resources seeing the conditions and test that Her Excellency Left behind for her successor, but after seeing his performance and runes, there is hope that he might able to acquire them.

He might have already materialized the runes, but the resources she had left were so rare that even old monsters Matron Mavis would fight hard for them; these resources would help but Micheal very much once he acquired them.

The runes have appeared in his body, seeing that I funneled the worldly energy around the mansion and funneled them around the Micheal.

A second after I did that, Micheal's body begins to suck them at a frenzied speed that surprised me greatly as he is not only taking the worldly energy but also H

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