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Chapter 1513 - Holy Grace

"Holy Grace!"

She said right after I activated the 'First Boost' and terrifying aura released from her; this aura is very powerful, so powerful that air around her bend to its will.

The flavor of this aura is opposite of mine; while mine is burning like a wildfire, hers is like a gentle river, but one should not mistakes its gentle nature for the weakness as this aura compelled you to, it is extremely powerful, one can see that with the soul compulsion the aura is trying on me.

"Nice little trick your aura have," I said while being extremely alert about her aura. The compulsion of the aura is very powerful, far more powerful than any soul attack my previous opponents have tried.

I have to be even more careful from now on; this is just aura, not even an attack. If she launched a powerful soul attack and able to blank me for even a moment, it would be game over for me; a second would be more than enough for her to beat the shit out of me.

We continued to look at each other as our aura's bloomed, and as they occupied more space, they begin to clash.

Sparks Sparks Sparks

Sparks begin to light up like fireworks as an aura's clash; two giant electric wires are clashing against each other, creating huge sparks, and these sparks are beautiful as my silver aura clashed against her holy white aura.

For the other people, it may seem like a simple clash of aura's, but those with knowledge shook seeing us control aura to such a degree that we are using it to fight against each other.

Kings can only release aura and not fight with it like we are doing. One needs to have the fine control to do that as unlike one ability which one can control; the aura is fleeting like air; one has to control it by projecting one's will outside, that too very few kings could do.

Our aura is pressing against each other, and I am winning; I had already pressed her aura back a few inches and forced her to create a wall that I have to I am very impressed with as I will not breach it in a short while.

"You are good, Micheal," Ellen said, and her aura disappeared, but as it did, her sword appeared, and it is coming toward me at an extremely fast speed; she is using her move.

The aura's we released earlier were produced due to the powerful moves we have activated, they did not contain much power and held no harm, at least not to us, but this attack is powerful.

It is the same attack she had used at last to defeat the victor, so one can imagine how powerful this attack is.

A smile appeared on my face as I saw the attack, thick energy of the 'First Boost' spread through me and giving me strength that I only had in the 'I' Ruin; all that restricted strength came out and merged with my sword as it moved toward Ellen's sword.

The air begins to vibrate around us as our moves got closer and closer till the sparks begin to fly; the residual aura's released from our weapons was enough to b

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