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Chapter 1547 - Bloodline Harvesting

I could feel the Bloodline is rising very fast; it is very primal and powerful; once it is fully activated, it will take this bastard's strength to new heights, and that time, I will truly not be its match.

The difference between us will increase so much that I will not be able to surmount it with all my tricks.

The Werewolf suddenly stooped screaming; it had barely able to control that mindless pain and looked at me, and this time its eyes are shining blinding fanatism.

"The Totem Spirit will not let me have useless death human; my Bloodline is awakening, it won't long before its power filled every cell of my self and when it does, you will be destroyed!" It said while grinning cruelly.

The Vine Giant had unfurled and transformed into the huge Vine Sphere; it is good, it did. If the crowd and the rest of the world had heard it, the confidence of them would have been shaking, seeing how hard it is to kill a Grimm Monster.

I would rather die hidden in the vine sphere than in the open; it will lessen the effect of my death.

While there are chances that I will die, it is not completely fixed. If I am somehow able to drain it completly before its Bloodline could fully awaken, I will survive, as there would no host for the Bloodline to power up.

There is one huge problem in that, though the Bloodline is awakening faster if I continued harvesting its essence at the current speed, the Bloodline would awaken before I finished harvesting even half of its essence.

Still, I would harvest its essence at my greatest speed and weaken it as much as possible. So, even if its Bloodline increases its strength, it will still be weaker than what it would have got when its essence was full.

Even if doing that did not give me much of the fighting chance, I would still do it. I would not take death lying down;

I would fight till there is last breath into my body, and who knows, the old monster might able to break the shield in few seconds, and I would be rescued.


Having only a few seconds before the Bloodline awakened fully, I used all my will to harvest its essence as much as possible, with me harvesting its essence in abandon, giving it quite a pain, and its begin screaming again while looking at me with extreme hate.

If emotions have the power, the hate present in its eyes would have just taken an instant to turn me into the ashes; it is hating the pain and hating me even more since I am the one that inflicting this pain on it.

Seconds passed by, and I continued to harvest the essence of the Grimm Monster crazily when finally, the Bloodline had awakened.


A loud buzz came out of its shriveled huge body whose more than one-third of the essence I had already harvested, but as the Bloodline activated and Dark Gold lights begin to shine over its body, I felt intense resistance in harvesting its essence.

My harvesting speed fell d

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