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Chapter 1549 - Discussion

Far Away from Orcoz City

The silence had dawned on the hall, even though, except for one person, all of them are present in holographic projection. The silent suppression in the hall is intense, so intense that even a normal tyrant would get crushed under it if it stayed more than a second.

Multiple screens are floating across the room, but all of them are focusing on the one screen, and that is that human bastard revealing itself from the huge vine sphere, holding a beautiful rose that is blazing in the color of Golden Fire tribes fire.

They have read enough information about the host of Celestial Inheritance to know that it had harvested their man, and they could not believe it had happened; they believed it would be their man who will come out of vine sphere, holding a dead body of human Champion.

They were not wrong to think that the plan theirs was full proof. The member they have chosen is very powerful that no King could contest against him, but that human bastard had too many tricks up its sleeve.

It had the trick for every attack; if it not, those tricks, their man would have finished him within five minutes off the transformation.

Now, he had failed, and responsibility for it fell on the Aynmero; he is the one that devised the plan, and according to the custom, he will have to take the responsibility and hand the task of killing the Champion to another member.

The Grimm Race is unforgivable; if you fail, there is no second chance for you; it is the most glaring weakness of their ruling system, though it had its advantages. According to humans, the disadvantage of this system was too much.

If humans had in their place, they would not have taken this task from one as it is not entirely his fault; he had planned perfectly, even others have accepted this plan was perfect as he could make.

The mistake he made was that, he did not think about the tricks the human could pull, but it was also not his fault; according to research he did, human should not have such tricks, the difference of strength would have nullified all the tricks the human would have come with.

"I, Aynmero, accept the failure and hand over the responsibility of killing the Human Champion to Oumsor," The old Werewolf said as he looked at the projection of Crockman beside him; there was no hint of anger and dejection on Werewolf face when he said, it is as calm as water.

"Thank You, Aynmero, I, Oumsore of Voilet Teeth Crocman Tribe, accept the task of killing the human champion," He said while flashing the sharp dark violet teeth its tribe named after.

The rewards of the World Championship had always been great; what they are were never made in public, but everyone knows they are something that everyone needs.

Every Champion, the winner of the World Championship, gets two rewards, one fixed resources that is enough for an average king to reach the Tyrant Stage, the other choosing o

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