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Chapter 1524 - Mid Level of King Stage I

After taking a cold shower, I sat on my bed and closed my eyes; the next moment, I found myself in my Inheritance Space.

Without wasting any time, I begin working on it. There are only a few things that have remained to be done in the Inheritance upgrade; I should be finished in two and a half hours outside; inside, it will be more than ten hours.

Time passed by, and soon, more than ten hours had passed inside the Inheritance Space. I am nearly finished; in few minutes, the upgrade will be ready.

It is a good thing I had taken my time with Inheritance; I had found some mistakes in it; the mistakes were not big; they were tiny; still, they were mistakes and hold the threat to destabilize my Inheritance.

"Finally Ready!"

I said with excitement when I looked big runic humanoid in front of me; I would have been ready with upgrade nearly three weeks ago, but I had some new ideas and wanted to make changes according to it.

Now that I see the humanoid in front of me, I felt its all worth it; all the hard work I had put on it is worth it.

I admired it for minutes before I opened my eyes and walked out of them my room; it is time to level up.


Soon, I reached in front of huge doors and pushed in; they opened with a click, and I went in. As I walked inside, I found myself in a big hall, and the hall is covered in fully drawn runic formation or formations, as I said.

There are two formations drawn on the hall floor; the center formation is a formation Ive created. It is needed for the level up, and another one is Isolation formation on which's command professor is sitting.

"Everything is ready," she said, "Thank You, Professor," I said, and I walked toward the second formation.

The second formation is big, but the most eyecatching thing about it is not the formation but the hundreds of precious resources that are placed in the formation; these glittering resources are very precious, a level above what I had used in the Ruin.

I looked at resources, and when I saw they are exactly as I asked for, I walked to the center of the formation and sat on it; as I did, Professor activated the isolation formation.

I had no reason to hide my breakthrough, but I still want sufficient isolation. It is during the breakthrough my Inheritance Ruin became most visible, and I have the least control over them.

So, if someone powerful is snooping around like an old monster, the wards of the mansion will be barely able to stop someone like them; only under the protection of someone like Professor will I be able to feel completely relieved.

After checking everything one more time, I closed my eyes and entered my Inheritance Space, where I tapped on the Runic Humonoid couple of times before I threw out of my Inheritance Space as the level up begin.

The runes inside me lit up, so are the runes I am sitting on; as the formation activated, the resou

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