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Chapter 1519 - Bind!


Step Step Step


She begins to take a step back with every attack I had launched, and soon we were on the floor of the arena.

It is Ellen who directed her steps at the ground; if she wanted, she could have continued taking the steps back, but no, she had come down on the floor thinking, it will slow me down seeing I am using my wings to move around.

She is partly right; my speed had slowed down by the little, which had given her little breathing space, I could see than in her expression.

Unfortunately, she did not know; it is my favor that she is on the ground; it makes defeating her easier; if we had fought in the sky, I did not have this much confidence as I have now in defeating her.

The moment my feet landed on the ground, I begin preparing for my attack, and it is now ready; I had to launch it as soon as possible. Ellen knows me quite well, and if she will soon realize something will happen and take precaution against it and this bad for me.

So, as soon as my attack before ready, I did not waste a second and launched it.

Rose Vines!

I activated rose vines, and at the same time, I used all the power I had stored in the wings and moved toward her.

Her expression changed suddenly when a terrifying aura burst out of me; it was very powerful, and it should be since I had used every ounce of my strength in this attack.

Seeing my sudden burst of strength, she seemed to understand something weird is going on, but she did not have time to anything against it and my sword coming toward her at an extremely fast speed, and it is attacking the biggest mistake in combat style, which she had beyond well hidden.

Unfortunately, I was able to see it, and I had not targeted it until now because of the right moment, and this is the right moment.

Seeing my attack is very much end the battle for her, she also burst out with strength, using every ounce of strength she had kept hidden and reached very close to me; her power is not surprising to me, and as I know she had kept little bit hidden for the emergencies.

This time instead of defining, she chose the offense as she moved her sword toward me, seeing that smile couldn't get helo but appeared on my face and frowned appeared on her's and feeling of something is wrong deepened inside her mind.

Just before our swords about to clash, the feeling got very intense that she decided to activate the best defensive method.

Unfortunately, she is late; if she had employed the defensive method when she first got the feeling, she would have survived it, but now she will not.


Khutch Khutch Khutch

Our weapons clashed, and at that exact moment, the tense of vines came out of the ground at a very fast speed.

Sensing vines piercing through her half-activated defensive shield easily, she made a snap decision and decided to use the momentum of clash to moved b

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