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Chapter 1541 - Vine Morphing II

'The Human is Dead!'

I couldn't help but feel giddy at that thought; the Lord had ordered me to finish the battle within ten minutes.

Though he said it would need an hour for their best scholar to break the formation, he also said that humans are very wily and tend to hide their abilities well.

So, I have to finish it within ten minutes.

This is Glorius moment for me, killing Champion of human, a holder of Celestial Inheritance, my name will be itched on the Grand Pillar of the tribe, this glory is given only to Grand Lord of the tribe, and now it will be mine.

It is why I was ecstatic with joy when I was selected to kill the Champions of humans.

Getting selected in this 'Project' means death; we had a mission to reach the highest in human society and do the maximum damage by collecting crucial intelligence or killing important people.

Those jobs would have made my tribe remember me for a decade or two or a century at most but with me killing the Champion of humans, my name will be carved on the pillar of my tribe.

I will be immortalized, and who knows, if my deed impressed the Totem Spirit enough, I might get the seed of reincarnation and reborn in the genesis chamber.

So, I have to kill this human Champion before those old humans bastards broke the formation and rescue this bastard, this bastard too important to them, but unfortunately, they will not have that chance.

My Golden lightning will finish it off; even with all its tricks, it will not survive my lightning.


Suddenly, I noticed something; when I looked carefully with my soul sense and ocular methods, my eyes couldn't help but shot up in surprise; my lightning had stopped damaging it, and now when it entered inside the Giant, it simply disappeared, just like when it happened with this bastards armor, which should not have been possible.

He can sense that this Vine Giant is not its move; it is something created by the move, the vines. Not to forget, my Golden Lighting is not this puny human would dare to absorb; it will dust him to ashes instantly if he dared to do something like that.

Still, he did not like whatever is happening; he would like it to finish this bastard off as soon as possible and would not mind spending some more energy to do it.

'Sky Flooding Golden Fire Lightning!' He said and began amassing the bolts of Golden Lighting, this time bringing out twice the amount of the golden lightning; this time, he wanted to be sure to kill the human.

Four seconds later, his body got covered in Golden Lightning, and he channeled all this lighting into the head and heart of the Vine Giant.

"Reduced to ashes, human!" He roared as she unloaded all the golden lightning into the Vine Giant; this time, there is no way the human bastard will survive.

I had created a total of one hundred forty-two formations around the whole body vine diamond, they are more than

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