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Chapter 1514 - Divine Transformation

"What truth?" I asked back while having a faint idea what she is about to say, "Will you believe me if I told you I had shown less than 20% of my strength right now?" she asked with a serious face, but I could see the faint trace of pride hidden in her eyes.

She is proud of her strength, and who wouldn't be if one is as powerful as her, "Oh that, I know about it." "Your Bloodline is not as tight lid as you think, Ellen," I said in her shocked face.

She is totally shocked; she could believe I had known about her real strength and remained calm about it.

If someone else had been fighting her and knew about her real strength, they would have wet their pants already, not to forget the strength she had shown until now is powerful; she had defeated Victor with it.

"Well, then I hope you will not lose too quickly in front of real strength," she said with a sweet smile, and whole-body shuddered seeing it.


She said softly, and she reverberated through the whole arena; the done she had created had creating directly vaporized when her voice hit me.

I did not care for any privacy done like all my attention is being captured by the thing happening in front of me. A cacoon of Royal Purple energy covered her, and on that, on cacoon, golden runes begin to appear on the cocoon.

These golden runes looked very long; they looked as old as time itself, and within a second, they coved the cacoon whole.

I wanted to use all my strength to crack this cocoon and beat her up when she was mid-transforming, and I would have done that without remorse since it is a battle if not for me sensing huge danger from the cacoon.

Crack Crack Crack

So, I waited, and I did not have to wait for long; a few seconds later, cracks begin to form on the cacoon and spread speedily; within a second, they have covered the whole cacoon.


The cocoon exploded, its a good thing I was prepared for it and already moved back a hundred meters; if I had not, I would have swept up in the energies of the explosion, which would have been nasty seeing its power.

The cocoon exploded before all of the energy went back and merged into a humanoid form, and when all the energies merged into humanoid form, it revealed itself.


A collective gasp came out from the millions of audience as they saw Ellen. She again comes back to wearing a gown, but this gown is totally different from the holy white gown she had materialized in the previous battle.

It is shimmering Royal Violet Gold Gown that reached the floor of the arena; it looked like it is made of liquid gold, the way it had hugged her whole body, aside from the gown, there is the crown on her which looked like it made from the delicate Violet strings and embedded with a golden diamond.

It is not only she had changed, but her totem artifact had also changed too; it had become a little slimmer and no

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