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Chapter 1548 - VICTORY

Crack Crack Crack

My vines finished sucking up its essence and bloodline, turning its huge body into husky grey on which cracks begin forming.

Seeing the Grimm Monster dead, relief couldn't help but a flood in my heart.

Many times during the battle, I had thought I would be dead, and even if I survived, it would be through the rescue of the old monsters, but no, I had survived it on my own.

I had not only survived but also killed the Grimm Monster; though Ashlyn and Hidden Beings help is undeniable, still my efforts were greatest, and I very much deserve this victory.


The cracks on the huge werewolf husky body that it collapsed on its own, everything had turned into the ashes, including its weapons.


I watched the husky dust for a moment before, my mind attracted by my Inheritance runes.

The runes have begun to release residual energy they got from the bloodline, and now it is spreading through every corner of my body and soul.

This energy is healing my injuries, filling up the essence I had burned earlier, and also strengthening my body and soul rapidly.


The feeling this energy gave is amazing that the faint m.o.a.n couldn't help but escape from my mouth; it is an amazing feeling that regretfully ended too quickly, but when I inspected myself, I couldn't help but be surprised.

The increment is quite huge that; if I fought with the Werewolf again, I would not be beaten this badly and would even able to finish the fight soon.

I checked my body a couple of seconds before; I focused on the beautiful Golden Rose that is in front of me. It looked amazing and filled with immense energies; I could feel Nero's calling that he wants to consume it.

Unfortunately, he can't have it; the old monster will want it. It will help them hugely in knowing how the Werewolf had infiltrated.

"It is time!"

I said with a sigh and began calling back vines inside me at great speed; the vines begin to shrink inside and came inside me as they, the huge diamond vine sphere I was covered in, begin to shrink rapidly, and a minute later, I was standing in the half-destroyed arena with beautiful Golden Rose floating in front of me.

To my surprise, I found the forcefield covering the arena had disappeared, and it had returned to the normal size, and a bunch of old people who were by the forcefield had also disappeared.

Now only and millions of crowd had remained and this crowd looking at me intensely without making a single sound, as if they could not believe I had survived the battle.


They remained quiet for exactly a second before they let out a defeaning cheer; their cheers were loud like never before; the sound had created the record that others will need centuries, even millennia, to break.

I felt quite overwhelmed hearing their emotional cheer; the power and emotions are so dense in the ai

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