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Chapter 1538 - Flower Giant

"This child is very good!" Patriarch Bradford praised as he watched the battle in the arena with great interest.

Such talent was barely born in millennia; he is lucky; he could see such talent before he merged into the grave.

"The Inheritance he designed is praiseworthy; despite having much strength that his opponent, he is keeping his opponent busy without getting pushed back too much," Commented old man Osborn, who had arrived from Pyramid when the alarm rang out.

"Most of the credit goes to the energy absorption formation he designed; it is work of marvel to be able to deal with such powerful energies," said Matron Mavis before she turned toward two women who are looking at the battle very anxiously.

"Did any of you helped him designing that formation?" she asked, though the requirement of Clear Heart Inheritance to designing the Inheritance with own efforts, a little bit of help is allowed.

The women did not reply; they are too anxious to reply, but Matron Mavis had already known the answer from their eyes, not his mother or teacher had helped him, this made her frown, but she did not pursue it further.

She looked at Angela, who had Black Dimond floating above her head as she is working on breaking the formation of the Grimm Monsters.

Five minutes have already passed, and Mavis said she would take more than ten minutes to solve the formation with her precious little toy.

It is the fastest speed anyone could break the formation in the world, Angela is one of the foremost Runic Grandmasters in the world, and she specialized in breaking the formations; there probably no human in the world that could break the formation faster than Angela.

Still, I hope she would be faster; the little guy had reached his limit, he would not be able to last long in front of that bastard from Golden Fire Tribe.

She had fought and killed many old monsters of the Golden Fire tribe, but there was one person she was not able to kill, even after fighting it four times; that bastard is nearly killable.

It is also very wily; if I am not wrong, then it is that bastard who sent member of its tribe here, and the question is, how did it do that? Everyone is asking the same question to themselves.

In her over four hundred years of life, she had never seen something like it, a Grimm Monster coming out of the human; she had never thought this would be possible, and since it had happened, it means this grave news for humans.

She, with Bradford, has scanned every participant in the Top 100, and they did it daily.

Though they may not have focused all their soul sense on them, still, their soul sense is strong enough to sense any tinkering done by the Grimm Monsters, but she had sensed nothing from him in all the times she had scanned him.

She looked at the little girl from the Crystal Domination and couldn't help but nod her head in appreciation.

This girl is good, not

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