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Chapter 1780 - Return

"Thank You, Micheal, for listening to my ramblings; it feels good to let it all out," Jill said as she wiped the tears off her misty eyes.

She had been going on for nearly an hour, pouring her heart out. I did not say much anything, except for nodding now and then and gently patting her back to tell I am here with her.

"Its nothing; we all need to let out in once in a while," I said with a smile. Mental problems are common among practitioners. From having a god complex to PTSD, and there are mechanisms to deal with it, but not everyone could make use of them from one reason to another.

Jill, with mountain-like expectations on her shoulders, did not know who she can trust. Her teacher is a little intense due to her age, experience, and power, and you can't talk about everything with your family; you need a person who you can trust but also is detached enough from your life.

Few more hours passed by, and I had shown all the important places in the Academy before taking her to my house.

"I have to say your cooking has improved a lot; this is very delicious," Jill said as she took one more bite off the food. Half an hour later, we sat on the porch talking, she told me about her days, and I had told her about mine.

Some of the things she had told me have really shocked me; the resources of the Supremes are really very deep. In the past year, Jill had been hopping one secrete ruin after another; most of them had been in the control of her organization of some of them had Grimm Monsters in control, and she had gone to such ruines alone.

Seeing the scale of the resources that Hawthorn Sea has, I wanted to accept their offer and returned with them.

"I have gotten very bored with Secret Ruins and want to join the real Grimm Battlefield, but for some strange reason, I had been studying six hours daily for the past three months," She said with a frustrated voice.

"I had not studied as much my whole life as I had studied these past months. This visit to the Academy is a welcome break," She said as she laid comfortably on her lounge break and closed her eyes.

"You should study well; it will be very helpful to you," I said. Hearing that, her closed eyes snapped open, and she looked at me intently.

"You know about the reason why my teacher is making me study hard, don't you?" she asked, "Micheal, you have to tell me the reason? You have no idea how hard those subjects are, and the teacher is merciless when teaching me?" She asked, her voice turned to that of begging, and her expressions pitiful I nearly opened my mouth to tell her the truth.

"I could not tell you much, but if you listen to me, study hard as you can and focus on the areas that your knowledge of, the stronger your base, the more rewards you will get, and you will also get to eat most delicious things in that place," I said, the latter sentence has surprised her a little.

"Does that place is the reason why

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