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Chapter 1487 - Fifth Group I

"Your student is quite a good Bradford, but she is still weaker than my student." Matron Mavis haughtily.

"Don't be so haughty Mavis, while it is true my students are weak individually but together; they could get easily three your student," Patriarch Bradford replied back without missing a beat.

"A twins sister with connections that have apex+ constitution, you have found good students Brandford," Matron Mavis said.

"Yes, they are good, its only regrettable that I could not find a better Inheritance for them; it would have been wonderful if Apex Inheritances we had accepted them," Patriance Bradford said with a sigh.

Normal Inheritance could be gained by anyone as long as they have it, but Apex Inheritance is different. The Apex Inheritance are different; they will imprint in you if you are suitable for them.

Not only Bloodsun had any suitable Apex Inheritance for his student, but other organizations also did not have, he had tried them.

The four hundred years of life had given him enough clout and connection that he could try Apex Inheritance of other organization, which is considered sacred to them.

He even tasted their normal Inheritance, which their constitution broke with sheer power; the Inheritance they are using had broken by their Inheritance.

He worries about his students very much; first, they were just brats to him, sent them by his organization to hin due to anomaly and only he with his experience could understand what is happening to them.

First, they were just his student, people he had to teach at every generation, but over time they have become much more, and it is starting to worry him, as their constitution is no mere apex+ as people thought.

It is much more, it truth even leader of his organization did not know, only old people of his organization who he trusts very implicitly know about their constitution's reality.

Other children his student are fighting have filled their bodies with resources, tons of very rare and precious resources; without them, they would not have such power, but his students have consumed nothing, not a single speck of resource.

The only herbal thing they consumed is medicine, but even the most precious medicine had started losing its effectiveness. If this continued and he did not find something permanent to fix their problem, then his students would not be able to live more few years.

"What a battle it was; it sent chills through my body," Marla said while shuddering visibly, "If this is standard of Top 25, then what would be the standard of the Top 10?" she asked the crowd, and the crowd let out a huge cheer.

"The battles of the four groups are over, and now only one group had remained; I hope they will be able to create the same amount of excitement and joy in our heart as previous battle did," Marla said amidst the cheers of the crowd.

"The participants of fifth groups are Raina Addington

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