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Chapter 1511 - Micheal Vs. Ellen

My heart couldn't help but tightened up seeing Mira walking out of the arena with a sad face; seeing her, I couldn't help but feel sad.

I wish she had won, but Jill was too powerful for her to defeat; though she had not lost as badly as the other Jill opponents, she still lost.

Winning and losing is part of life; I still remember the first competition I had participated in; I was not even able to make it into the Top 10 of that competition where participants were mere thousands.

Soon, Jill returned to the participant's area, and the three of us welcome her with her applause; her battle very much worthed it.

"Hoo, what a chilling Battle it was; if I had been fought against two of them a decade ago, I would have lost within five minutes," Marla said as she quieted down the crowd who were still cheering for the Jill.

"Now it is time for the second battle of Quarterfinals; it would be between Ellen Ashford of Crystal Domination Vs. Micheal Zaar of Riverfield Academy." Marla announced, and the crowd begins to cheer resoundingly.

As my name is announced, I closed my eyes and released all the consciousness restrictions I had placed on myself. In the previous battle, I had released some but not all.

Before the previous battle, I had only released 25% of the restrictions, but now I released them all, I am very sure to fight against Ellen, I would need to use every speck of my strength, so I released every restriction I had placed on me but it conscious or unconscious.

A second later, I opened my eyes and flew toward the arena; as I did, I Immediately attracted the gazes. I have gotten used to the gazes of Tyrants and could bear them as long as they did not consciously put the pressure on me.

Suddenly, I am an under intense gazes of powerful, and these gazes belong to very powerful people, and they are very intense.

I had frozen on my spot, and if not for the familiar presence covering me, protecting me from all those gazes, I would have definitely fallen on the ground.

The gazes of the tyrants have never been so intense on me, and the only reason I could think of that they had sensed the changes in me when I released all the restriction, and that got them a little surprised.

As all the intense gazes, except for one which emitted enmity, others were inquisitive in nature, and no single one of them had seeped inside my body; all the gazes have scanned me on the surface.


Taking a light sigh, I begin to flew toward the arena and soon passed through the forcefield and entered the arena.


"It took you quite a lot of time, feeling nervous to fight me?" Ellen asked with a teasing smile, "Nervous me? No, I just stopped to think about which way I should beat; there are too many sure ways running in my mind," I said back.

"You seemed to forget the way I beat you last time, don't worry soon; I will have you refresh that memory," She s

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