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Chapter 1494 - Jill Vs Joana I

"Winner is Ellen Ashford!" Marla announced, and this time her voice is very genuine, and she seemed really excited by the win; she should be; Ellen is her junior after all.


The audience let out cheers so loud that those precautions have to kick in manage the noise so that it would not blast off one's ears. The crowd is beyond pleased seeing the battles, and they let it know with their voice.

Not only the crowd had cheered, but we people in the participant's area has also cheered; the battle had been excited for all of us too, it had let us know what level of participants we will be facing in our battles.

Soon Ellen flew back into the participant's area, and except for slight tiredness in her eyes, she seemed fine. Which had surprised quite many people and left their eyes calculating, wanting to guess how much strength she had revealed in the battle.

Clap Clap Clap

While everyone gauged her with calculating eyes, we gave her due respect she deserves for this battle; we stood up and welcomed her back with applause.

"Wow, what a battle, it completely chartered the record of the last Championshing," Marla said while placing the hands on the chest.

"Participants this time are super powerful, and I hope, next battle would provide us the same amount of excitement as this battle," Marla said excitedly and moved her hand up that made the huge screen appeared in front of her.

The images began to shuffle before two images came out of the remaining eight; seeing the images, a small disappointed sight came out of the crowd. Seeing the participants, they did not feel this battle will be as exciting as the previous.

"Jillian St Palen of Hawthorn Sea Versus Joana Michealson of Mistson," Marla announced, and the crowd cheer, but their mood was less excited.

Seeing it is Jill versus Joana, they did not think the fight will be excited as previous or long as the previous, but I do not agree with them and nor is the people sitting in the participant's area.

The crowd underestimates Joana and her Empire of Mist too much; though she will lose, it will not be a quick battle as they think. The Empire of Mist is not legendary Grand Art for nothing, and it does not come to the weaklings.

Even a person as powerful as Jill will have to spend some time to crack the Empire of Mist. If she did not have the overwhelming advantage of strength over Joana or both of them had about similar strength, then the battle would have lasted for hours.

Still, the battle will exciting; I could feel it in my gut; it will not be disappointing; I can feel it.

Soon, both of them reached the arena and looked at each other without saying the word; while both of them are silent, one had expressionless and confident, and the other is quite nervous.

Despite having a poker face, one could see in Joana's eyes how nervous she is, but one could also sense the excitement, s

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